Get Writing, Fool!

Because it’s gray and cold and rainy, today would be the perfect day to get moving on my next writing project that has come to a halt since mid-way through this past summer, although there are several pages started on two of those. But for some reason, I bounce from one thing or another, or pick up a current book I’m reading and lose myself (and precious writing time!) in it. Not sure exactly why I am not able to jump into this with an whole-hearted effort, and I’m finding it difficult to re-establish that needed discipline to sit down on a regular basis and tell a story.

It’s not as though I don’t have plenty of opportunity to get into the writing mode all over again. If I’m totally honest about things, though, I can say that I’m not completely comfortable with my plot ideas, characters, or overall story development at this point.

I wrote Black Wolf Lodge over a period of nearly ten summers, and I was able to build on that draft fairly easily and complete the whole thing nearly one year ago. I basically am starting from scratch and am uncertain as to developing the second book with the same two characters as in Black Wolf Lodge. And each time I put that partial draft (thirteen chapters) back into “the drawer,” another writing opportunity flashes past, and I find myself way back at square one all over again! 

Perhaps, though, it’s time to give those two characters one more chance and I can bring them out of “the drawer” and let them grow a bit more. And maybe I just need to do a better job of developing the plot line that isn’t quite so similar to things that occurred in Black Wolf Lodge. Whatever I decide to do this week, I need to dedicate my efforts and get on with things–get going once more in the writing life! Down that road I trek…MLA

By the way, Black Wolf Lodge is available from Lulu Publishing.

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