A Saturday in October…

Hello, October!

A gorgeous, sun splashed, Saturday–October 1–and just the kind of day made for college football, a walk in the country, or just about anything else one sees fit to “get out there to!” The strong winds that howled around here for the past couple of days have blown themselves out, leaving the picture-perfect landscape painting of gold, mustard, green, rust, and blue and white of the sky overhead. 

Coffee, Muffins & Cleopatra 

Discussed an interesting book this morning with several men from the book club: Cleopatra: A Life. Since I only had the book a short time, I wasn’t able to complete the whole thing, but the little I did complete proved interesting and quite thought provoking. It is obvious that the author, Stacy Schiff, emphasizes Cleopatra’s contributions to history and legendary status as a female, capable of accomplishing so many things, something not often brought forth in the “male dominated” history of the world! And though the book was a bit sluggish at times, it still was full of little kernels and tasty bits of trivia and other lesser-known pieces of information. I found these things very worthwhile.

Our next discussion in November will be what sounds like a captivating read: Hitler in the Crosshairs by Woodbridge & Possley. One of our group presented a nice background for the book, and we’re all excited about getting going on this one. In fact, I’ve just completed my ordering the book from good, old Barnes & Noble. (Love the membership for the free shipping and other discounts!)


Next up for this terrific Saturday will be watching the Fighting Illini open their Big 10 season on the gridiron against those pesky, purple foes, Northwestern. Should be a good game, and my one regret is that I’m here and not down there in Champaign to take it all in. But such is life these days. 

Nothing can spoil this one, fellow travelers. Down the sunny road we tramp on this first day of October–a beautiful month…MLA


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