If it’s not one thing, it’s another…and another…and…

Large and small skillets
Large and small skillets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Out of the frying pan and into the…well, it’s really not as bad as dodging the flames and fiery consequences, but it’s just one more thing added to this increasingly busy month.

On top of everything else, I’ve begun a week-long online course all about Compiling in Scrivener, presented by Gwen Hernandez.

And though I’m eager to get into the lessons and take away so much more than what I already know about the somewhat tricky process of compiling my writing for publication in the wonderful program that is Scrivener, there are other obligations and duties that need tended to at the same time.

For instance, we’ll be moving into the cottage the end of the month, and the general procuring, organizing, and packing for this monumental annual event has arrived, and we are busily getting to it. In the meantime, I’m waiting for a string of clear, warm days so I can water seal our back deck before I head off for my summer splendor. Also, there’s the usual necessary yard work right here that cannot be ignored. And my grandfatherly task of picking our two grandsons up from school three days a week still is in the mix as well.

I know, I know. It would seem that I’m coming off as being not very happy about my lot in life. On the contrary, I love it! It beats the alternative, and I don’t think I’d know how to act if I didn’t have a zillion and one things going on all at the same time.

Looking back over my life, I’d say that I never have done things the easy way. Instead of clearing the way to focus on one thing—and do it well—I’ve been known to take on something else and try to manage to somehow complete them both—some with good outcomes, others not so good. As a result, the experience is often frustrating, leaving me somewhat ticked off at myself for taking on more at one time than I probably should have. But I doubt if I’ll ever change, and so I’ll stay the course, as it were.

Speaking of “course,” I am happy to say that the Scrivener Compile course, which began this week, is

scrivener corkboard
scrivener corkboard (Photo credit: Terry Freedman)

going well, and I can do the daily lesson any time during the day or evening. And our preparation for “move-in” weekend is moving along and all will be fine when it’s time to head to Michigan on May 23rd.

Also, the yard has been cut and fertilized this week, and the dandelions haven’t invaded totally. I meet the grandsons on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday right on time at 3:00 without fail. So, somehow, there does seem to be enough time in each day to get things taken care of, and really what do I have to moan and groan about?

I suppose that now that the nasty winter is finally a distant spec in the rearview mirror, and spring and summer are coming alive rather quickly, all things we need or want to do seem to need doing all at the same time. And that’s OK. Somehow, I know from experience that it all will get done! I’ve said it before: Life’s good!…CortlandWriter


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4 thoughts on “If it’s not one thing, it’s another…and another…and…

  1. I heard great things about Gwen’s courses, Mark. I would love to take an introduction class, if she offers one. I know nothing about Scrivener, but I’d love to learn without feeling overwhelmed by it.
    Congratulations on getting everything accomplished, it seem somehow we always do, right?

  2. Yes, she usually does one in the fall and one in late winter (March). You can go to gwenhernandez.com for all the particulars. Plus, Scrivener is very inexpensive. Go for it! 🙂

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