Discovering Diana Krall…

Every summer, up here in Michigan, I always discover things one way or another, and this one has been no different.  For example, I was introduced to the wonderful sounds of Diana Krall early on quite by accident, and I haven’t stopped loving everything about her and her music.


The Look of Love (Diana Krall album)
The Look of Love (Diana Krall album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There is nothing better than stumbling upon something completely unexpected–which is exactly what I did in this case–and I haven’t looked back one iota. While writing,  I always have music on in the headphones, and the wonderful sounds from Bossa Nova Breakfast on iTunes always brings me countless inspirational sounds, including some by a sultry, sexy-sounding lady named Diana Krall. After hearing her renditions of some great songs, I was hooked–and immediately went to the iTunes Store and downloaded one of her “essential” albums, and the rest has been nothing but pleasant listening all of these summer months up here at the lake.


Without making this a review of many of those songs, suffice it to say that one only need try out The Look of Love, East of the Sun, Let’s Face the Music and Dance,  and You Go to My Head to catch on to what I’m talking about.


Yes, Diana, I think your stuff’s pretty cool! And, when it’s playing in my head while I write, the words seem to come out just all that much better.


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