My marathon sports TV day and other annoyances…

OK, today was a rather long stint of television, with the Blackhawks hockey on early,

Chicago skyline with the CNA Center showing th...
Chicago skyline with the CNA Center showing the Chicago Blackhawks’ logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

followed by the two NFL championship games to determine the Super Bowl participants in two weeks. And, of course, I spent most of the day right there watching them all, making me the epitome of a true couch potato! (I hate this term!) And dubbing myself this, calls to mind many similarly annoying terms and expressions that are becoming more prevalent. For example, staycation, vacay, man cave, or any cryptic texting language that isn’t spelled out: UR for “you are.” And I need capitalization and punctuation, please! And could we avoid statements such as the following: “I love me some cowboys!”? Where did any of this come from?

My marathon sports viewing day cruised merrily along, and as it did, the repetition of so many insipid commercials really began to grind away on the nerves. For instance, all of the car commercials where there is the legal disclaimer that it’s a professional driver on a closed course and that we shouldn’t try this, particularly the one where the car leaves the street and drives up some ramp and jumps onto a speeding train! I’m hoping that the words “Cars can’t jump on trains” is meant to be an attempt at humor. But then, I’m not too sure about that. Can there really be people who think that cars really can jump on tops of trains?

Then there’s those overdone, annoying commercials featuring young kids. You know, the kids who are maybe twelve years old at the most, lamenting about how tough they had it when they were young and not having the same technology as today’s youngsters. Or the one for a certain communications provider, featuring an adult sitting at a round table surrounded by little kids who say off-the-wall things and blatant nonsensical utterances. OK, the concept was cute and funny the first million times it was shown, but it’s time to move on.

And would someone please clue me in as to the significance of the bathtubs in the commercial for the product that helps correct the problem of male erectile dysfunction? Why are they in separate tubs? Wouldn’t it be more practical to have them both in one? Curious.

And finally, aside from the constant droning of the commercials, there are the broadcasts of the sporting events themselves. Aside from many smarmy play-by-play guys who blather on and say nothing, there are the cute female sideline reporters whose job it is to try to interview a player or coach immediately at the end of a half or at the conclusion of the game. This can’t really be that important, seeing as though players and coaches generally are either over-the-top joyous for having won, or they are bordering on insanity because they lost the contest! Either way, they have nothing much to add to the game viewing.

A real gem of an example of this very thing occurred at the end of the Seattle victory earlier today, when a Seattle player made quite a classless spectacle of himself. These on-the-field interviews aren’t needed, but they’ll be there forever. Alas!

All in all, it was a fine afternoon and evening, but I have to mutter and grouse about things every now and then, and I guess today was the day for doing so. It would seem that I spent just a bit too much time tuned in today. Back to writing and work on the novel in the morning. Nothing to grouse about there! Have a good week, all…CortlandWriter

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