A Place Called Sister Lakes

A quiet moment at the lake

Lake light

Up there in Michigan, not too far from the big lake, is a tiny town named Sister Lakes, situated smack-dab between two little lakes with four or five more very close by. I love this little burg that is full of hustle and bustle from late May to Labor Day every year, and quiet as a graveyard the rest of the time. When the summer people begin arriving (mostly from Illinois), there is a vibrancy once again, and the local economy breathes deeply in relief. They have come to enjoy the summer on the various lakes, laden with rustic cottages, cabins, or  a variety of other year-round abodes.

The town has readied itself for the influx of “lakers” and the hum begins once more. Even the weather seems to know that it’s time to put on its “summer face” and offer lots of sunshine (most of the time) and provide the perfect atmosphere for many a summer full of fun and memories-in-the-making!

We had the opportunity to pass through last October and take in the gorgeous scenery, highlighted with autumn leaves so colorful and plentiful that it nearly hurt the eyes as they gleamed in the bright sunlight. It was a quieter, gentler time in Sister Lakes then, and the imminent arrival of winter lurked not too far off. There is a sense of sadness when we have to leave each time, but knowing that the new life and vitality of the whole area will once more kick-in full-time come Memorial Day weekend, we can get excited all over again.

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