Plan B, anyone?

Now that the predicted snowfall has arrived, postponing my early-morning drive to my Jump Start Your Heart exercise class at the Good Sam Health & Wellness Center, I’m forced to move into Plan B. Of course, if the snow finishes up at some point later today, I can still get to the gym and work on closing all the rings on my watch!

Back to Plan B. (I really don’t have a “Plan B,” but it sounds cooler to say that I do!) 

Since we’re pulling out of our driveway no later than 7 a.m. next Tuesday to begin our month-long winter vacation, there is much to do right here at home: getting clothes pulled out and ready to pack, etc. Not to mention getting the house in order and making arrangements for someone to take in the  mail and check on the place a few times a week.

Our first stop will be in Muskogee, Oklahoma, on Tuesday evening, culminating a 10-hour drive. The next morning we’ll continue on to Bastrop, Texas, to visit some relatives for a few days and explore the area and make a trip to see the Alamo in San Antonio at some point. This portion of the trip will be my first visit to all of these places. Looking forward to it. 

After our Texas stay, we’ll load up once more and point our way eastward to Florida. We’re not sure just how far along we’ll get after leaving Texas that first night out, but we’ll have an enjoyable journey as we go. Our daughter lives in Cape Coral, and we’ll spend time there before swinging back up to Longboat Key near Sarasota for a week. As we did last year, we’ll follow that by traveling over to the other coast and spend another week in Daytona Beach. 

Pondering “Plan B” from my writing desk

As it always tends to do, time will fly by way too quickly, and we’ll be making the long drive back home the first week of March. But that’s way off in my mind at the moment, as I write this at my desk and glance out at the white that has suddenly shrouded everything. I’m thinking that part of my “missed” exercise will now come in the form of shoveling the driveway! So it goes…Anyway, on with Plan B!