Hoping for a Phoenix to rise once again

These past two days have been gloriously sunny, warm, and all-around beautiful in every respect. After so many days straight of cold and rain and drear, along came blue skies full of white, puffy clouds and the warmth of the sun right along with them. It is enough to make one believe, if only for a brief beat, that no pandemic can survive in all of this. Oh, that this were so!

My mornings are those special quiet hours, beginning just before 6:00, when the daylight is just showing itself and the first of the finches visits the feeder outside our sunroom windows. The coffee brews away in the kitchen, and I quickly check out the weather forecast for the day. Out of habit, I scroll quickly thru some social media, wondering why I really waste my time in doing so! Then, surrounded by the morning stillness and the calm before the routines of the day begin, I settle in with whatever book I’m currently ensconced in. Before I realize it, the coffee is ready and the morning has seemingly zipped right along. 

Soon, I realize that I have been enjoying all of this for a little over an hour. I know this because my wife’s clock radio breaks the silence in the bedroom regularly at 7 a.m. each morning. And so, another day begins—another day of wondering how much longer our lock-down will continue.

My stay-at-home situation these many weeks has become a time of inner reflection and a chance for me to discover so many things I hadn’t given much attention to previously. Quite frankly, I look at things much differently—things which I have always taken for granted before. I’m pretty sure that I will no longer assume that our grocery stores will have an abundance of various food products, or that we will be able to move about freely, secure in the notion that all is safe from imminent harm.

I will no longer shrug off the suggestion that there are factions at work in our society who will stop at nothing to gain control over our way of life and to impose their will in trying to transform this country. And I will never take for granted the importance of my family. Each gathering and get-together will be nothing less than special in all respects!

Despite the rocky road we now navigate, I am holding out hope that much good will eventually come out of all of this, and day-to-day living will rise like a phoenix once more. Time to get on with living!