First snow and hope…

Happy New Year!

There is finally snow on the ground here in Aurora, Illinois. It finally arrived on New Year’s afternoon and evening. Though there’s not as much as there might have been (per the intrepid weather forecasters!), there’s certainly more than we’ve had previously this winter. 

There are those who immediately groan at the thought of snow and cold and true winter weather, especially in light of the unusual, unseasonable mild weather that hung around right up until the end of the year.

Although I really liked that pleasant run of weather, I’m not at all depressed with the whiteness and cold that’s outside my window now as I write. And the fact that I don’t have to go out there and clear the driveway or the sidewalk, because the service our Home Owners’ Association provides, handles all of that magnificently, makes it all the more palatable. In short, the monthly assessment we pay for the snow removal in winter and lawn care in summer is well worth every dollar!

The timing of this current winter snow and colder temperatures seems to be a fitting end to 2021 and a kind beginning to 2022, as though some silent, unseen force is saying: “Turn the page, move along with a clean and fresh start, and put the ugliness of last year behind us.”

I truly doubt if a snow storm and it’s remnants can solve the Covid situation, but I do like to think that there is significance in new beginnings and fresh starts. 

What a wonderful thing it would be for all of the political hatred amongst us, and the petty sniping over everything else, to be relegated to 2021 and buried deep, never to rear its ugly head again!

On this second day of a new year, I sincerely believe that maybe the year ahead can have many happier turns and results than 2021. 

I have absolutely not one iota of evidence on which to base this feeling, other than my own determination to stay more positive toward the day-to-day flow of issues, events, and the feelings of others.

Perhaps, this new snow—blanketing the outdoors—is a symbolic cleansing of what has come before and giving us a chance to breathe again and have some hope.

Until next time…