Checking out the week ahead…

IMG_1415.jpgMonday has rolled around once more, ushering in another week of opportunity to get things done. As such, today’s post will be a checklist of five things I want/need to accomplish by the close of “business” on Friday.

The items on the list are not arranged in any particular order, so I can pick and choose at my discretion as to when I want to get them done—Before Friday evening.

Here goes…
  • My novel, Birchwood’s Secret, still has “miles to go before it sleeps” (thanks, Robert Frost!) and patiently awaits my attention. A couple hours each morning would be a good step in getting it finished—sooner than later.
  • Write my post for my blog’s weekly feature, One Good Thing. This has been rather easy for the first two installments, since there is always something good in my life to share, and I’m sure this week will be no different.
  • Read the newest posts on the blogs I follow and comment appropriately. After all, I enjoy it when my own followers “like” and comment on my posts. If nothing else, it lets me know that I’ve reached some living, breathing person “out there!” But, seriously, I really do appreciate the words left by readers.
  • Increase my daily twenty-minute walks on the treadmill to at least thirty minutes. Of course, if our current mild weather continues, I can take it to the streets where I’d much rather spend the time walking. However, walking on the treadmill allows me the opportunity to watch American Pickers, Moonshiners, or a TCM movie I’ve recorded.
  • Clean up the litter that has accumulated along the back wooded area between our property and the farm field beyond. I have to do this several times during the year, particularly after the winds have blown the stuff our way. It gets caught up in the tall weeds and becomes rather unsightly. When we have snow, it’s all buried and out of sight.  Looking out there as I write this, there is no snow, and it’s pretty ugly! (I think this may be the first item on this checklist I’ll take on!)

And that’s my list of five things I want to work on and get done this week. I know that my life will not be limited to just these five things, and I’m certain that I’ll be building my week around them.

IMG_1411.jpgNow, without further ado, I suppose I’d better put on a coat, grab the trash bag, and make my way out back and collect the debris. What a way to start the week!

What’s on your checklist for the week?

Daily Prompt: The Satisfaction of a List