The Good Luck Highway cover ready to go…

As the release of my book, The Good Luck Highway, edges ever closer, I am proud toThe_Good_Luck_Highwa_Cover_for_Kindle show off its cover and put in a well-deserved plug for the person who designed it: Bruce Witzel from way up north and west in British Columbia.

If you’re interested in a quality, professional-looking book cover, contact Bruce at his blog, Through the Luminary Lens


Many of you know Bruce’s wife, writer Francis Guenette, and her terrific blog disappearing in plain sight – writing about writing Interestingly, the name of her blog is also the title of her first book–Disappearing in Plain Sight. Now, the sequel, The Light Never Lies (Crater Lake Series), is available at

As soon as I am finished with all of the “duties” of finalizing my own book, hers will be one of the very first I get to read. Looking forward to that with eager anticipation.

Busy times for busy writers! The Good Luck Highway will be available very soon. …CortlandWriter