Empty bird feeders & the writing life

IMG_1393.jpgThe bird feeders are empty again, and the little creatures are pecking around hoping to find some stray remnants on the ground below. Sorry, friends. I was gone all day yesterday and not back until late in the evening. I’ll re-supply the feeders later after I attempt to catch up with my Blogging 101 work. In the meantime, my feathered friends, keep looking for those forgotten seeds.

The previous assignment (“Be a Good Neighbor”) where we were to leave comments on four other blogs we’ve never commented on before, was interesting and rewarding, mainly because it forced me to carefully read the blogger’s post. By doing this, I am not short-changing the writer with some quick glib comment, rather offering my thoughts on what it was she had to share.

One post I enjoyed was titled “Managing my time as a writer” from the Flotsam & Jetsam blog. I think the author, maryruth, expresses the same feelings I have been battling for a long time:

My never-ending problem has always been how to organise myself.

She nails it, too, when mentioning all of the “non-writing stuff” that crops up and drains our time. It would be so wonderful to be able to just write and ignore all of the clutter that keeps us from doing so! Somehow life tends to get in the way.

After considering what she wrote, and leaving a comment, I began to realize that the empty bird feeder outside my window is like the writing life itself: Full for a time but soon empty, with so many dependent winged creatures scratching about in the snow below.

They hunt and peck for a while and then fly off in search of seeds elsewhere. And the feeder stands empty, still.

But then they’re back! Once again they forage and rummage about, and I can almost hear them grumbling among themselves, throwing angry and disappointed glares my way as I write and watch them scrabbling away, laying the guilt trip on me.

Blogging 101’s Day Nine: Get Inspired By the Neighbors has led me to realize, once again, that there is so much more to being a disciplined writer than just writing. We do our best to write when we can…and also make sure the bird feeders get refilled!

On to Day 10.