Rediscovering that morning walk!

Alive and well in northern Illinois…

We must have done something right to earn at least two glorious days of spring-like weather! Yesterday the temperature reached 60° and lots of sunshine. I spent a good portion of the day outside, playing with my grandsons and literally basking in the glow of that wonderful sun. And as I write this on St. Patrick’s Day morning, another warm and life-lifting day is upon us!

But the real indicator that the winter “blahs” are waning was my resuming my morning walk out the lane, toward the water tower, with my best friend, Casey. She, too, felt wonderful once more to be let off her leash and to take off in several different directions, exploring and snooping, and thoroughly liking the absence of any snow or ice on the ground. Being fourteen, she isn’t always so spry and eager to venture too far out. Yesterday, though, she was plenty ready to follow her nose to  those millions of wonderful smells that she’d forgotten about during the past several months.

Getting the blood moving…

Even though our walk was not a long one, so to speak, it was invigorating and freshening all the same. I think I could actually feel the cholesterol exiting my body and the corpuscles and all other blood “guys” jumping for joy! I know that I felt better afterwards. And after so many weeks without starting my morning with a walk, I vowed that yesterday would be the “resumption of my morning walks!” Even my wife said, upon Casey and me returning from our stroll, that she was so happy to see us out there on the lane once again!

So this morning’s post is going to be a short one as I need to get my socks and shoes on, put on a light windbreaker, hook Casey up to her leash, and get that morning walk in. I’m even donning shorts for this one. Now I know I’m back in my good morning routine when the shorts are in order! I’ll get some more work in on my novel this afternoon, feeling wonderful from a good start to this day.

That’s the road I’m traveling this morning…MLA