The joy of upgrading my wardrobe

’Tis the Season…

Yep. The hectic pace of trying to get things finished and all ready for the Christmas holiday is no different from years past—although we keep telling ourselves that this year we’re going to simplify and not stress over minute details. Of course, it never seems to happen that way as “The Big Day” looms and edges ever closer, and we realize that we’re still behind schedule!

Nope. There’s still the last-minute crunch of making sure everyone is accounted for in the gift cavalcade and the timing of placing online orders so there will be no delays or lost items. We have found, however, that this ordering stuff via the Internet is a pretty reliable and painless method to do things. 

I’ll do anything to avoid having to go into a store of any kind—especially in these waning days prior to “The Big Day.” Even in the good old days when stores and other businesses had an abundance of workers, I never relished Christmas shopping live and in person. And now, the experience can only be far worse. 

My wife coerced me recently to go with her to a popular department store that had great sales going on, as she wanted me to upgrade my wardrobe, etc. (Believe me, it needs massive upgrading!) I agreed—kicking and screaming—but I did end up with some nice “sale” shirts, fleeces, and a sweater. 

All was moving along swimmingly until we approached the check-out line. As my luck would have it, the line stretched back and back and wound hither and yon, and there were just two check-out people, who appeared in no real rush to move things along. You know the type. They have to converse with all folks and take their sweet time completing the transaction, not to mention the invariable need for them to phone the manager or some department head about some problem or question encountered.

To add to that, there was the inevitable shopper, already at the check-out counter, quibbling over the price and the discount that was owed her. Indeed, she spent several torturous moments fumbling and rummaging about in her purse, satchel, haversack, or whatever it was, in search of her store card and the coupons showing proof of her additional 20% discount. The bag that served as her purse looked like something that might have traveled on a stagecoach back in the day! 

Eventually, (yawn!) things were resolved, and we moved along a bit more speedily, and purchased my updated wardrobe things and scurried out and to the parking lot. 

Damn, the cold air was a deliciously refreshing relief after the steam bath inside. I think I even said to my wife that this was the last time I’d go into a store during the lead up to Christmas. 

Yep. That’s what I said.

Nope. She just laughed.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

5 thoughts on “The joy of upgrading my wardrobe

  1. Your fortunate to have a spouse that is a fashionista.
    I have to go under the cover of darkness when I go clothes shopping. When I see a shirt or some other on sale item. and mention it to my wife she says something like “ we are spending too much and you just got a new shirt four years ago.“

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