First snow: Happier times ahead?

Coming out of my cardiac rehab session this morning, I was confronted with our first snow since last March. Sure, it was predominantly a mix of rain and snow, but it was enough to give a bit of a white trace on the parking lots and trees and streets. It was destined to remain on the ground for a very short period of time, but it was wonderful all the same! 

I rather enjoyed this, as I always do, because it seems to represent that we’ve “turned another corner” in the year—that winter is edging ever closer. Perhaps I’m alone in this way of thinking, but I’m hoping that it might bring about a change in everyone’s state of mind. Realistically, though…?

Maybe I’m just ready for another “corner” to be turned in this year of years! There is so much going on in our lives right now, that it’s hard—often—to breathe regularly, it seems. Besides the Covid-19 calamity, it has been a contentious year of political upheaval that has been very draining on so many of our social relationships. Anyone else notice that many friendships and relationships have sort of disappeared because of all this political “great divide?” Sad, isn’t it?

And I’m most definitely ready to turn another “corner” in my own health saga. For the past few years, I knew that valve replacement was inevitable…just not this year! And the need for a pacemaker wasn’t really something I ever considered previously, but the very real necessity to have one implanted during my “surgery week” back in August removed any doubt. 

Throw in the atrial fibrillation that came about somewhere before all of this stuff transpired, and it’s been just one more battle to fight. As I write this now, I’ve had two cardioversions since May, a change to some strong and rather vile medications to deal with the A-fib, and lots of discomfort and worry along the way. A cardioversion is a quick procedure that the doctor sends a control electric shock to the heart to attempt to set the heart back to a normal sinus rhythm. The one I had in May did that, but it didn’t hold for very long.

Fortunately, things on this front are seemingly working out regarding the recent cardioversion and the daily regimen of the meds.  The pacemaker is working fine, and the cardio rehab is a very good thing. I’ve lost about 35 pounds since last spring, for which I’m healthier on that fact alone.

 But enough of my albatrosses for now. As everyone else knows in dealing with life’s numerous curveballs it enjoys tossing our way, it’s a “one-day-at-a-time” thing.

So maybe my good feeling about the light snow that fell this morning—lightly and briefly—will be a signal that better times are ahead; that it’s time to put the current state of things behind us, and move on into a new and brighter time. At least, in my own way, I’d like to think that better and happier times are ahead. It will be nice to see all those smiles again, and maybe some of those friendships can be restored. Let us hope so.

Stay safe and healthy, friends!

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