A milestone amidst the madness…

Last Thursday, June 11, was my birthday, and I had planned to spend it as I have most every previous one—as just another day—perhaps having a get-together with family and friends. Well, it was made clear to me that turning an age that ends in “0” is not just another day! Of course, as crazy and weird as this year has been, I really didn’t see much reason to treat it any other way. Over the course of the day, however, that would change.

Right around 5:00, as I was relaxing in my lawn chair out front on the driveway, contentedly watching the world go by, I was treated to a parade—a caravan, if you will—made up of ten or so vehicles, full of good friends. Accompanying lots of horn honking, there were plenty of balloons and homemade signs made of poster board, wishing me a happy birthday and congratulating me on reaching this wonderful milestone! 

This type of “drive-by” celebration has been in vogue since the onset of the Covid-19 madness and the “stay-at-home” lockdown. It’s really kind of nice, although it would have been fun to have been able to invite everyone in for more celebrating and shared laughter. As it was, they all made a second loop around the block and came by again. I spent a quick moment as each car pulled up, thanking them for caring enough to participate in a birthday parade in my honor before they left.

For most of the day, I had repeated my wishes to just have the day be nothing more than a normal day, with maybe a quick acknowledgement that I had turned another year older. But that was not to be, and, as it turned out, I’m pretty glad that it all seemed to go against my intended wishes.

Thinking back, I realize that it meant a lot to those who participated in making something special of “my day,” so I guess it was pretty well necessary for me to go along with them, too. In short, it was a wonderful day, from start to finish. It was a bright moment that far outshined the madness.

Balloons aplenty on my “big day.”

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