With hope for good times ahead…

The sun shines brightly here in Aurora, Illinois, on this Good Friday. It’s one of those

Magnolia tree beauty despite the virus pandemic!

crystal clear days, but much colder than it was two or three days ago when we were enjoying temperatures in the high 70s. Everything outside seems perfectly normal, yet how totally different everything is—and has been—these past several weeks.

Being on “lock down” due to the pandemic hasn’t really been all that bad from our perspective here in our new home, in a totally new location and environment. Retirement certainly eases the angst and worry about the daily responsibilities of losing jobs, taking care of children, and being forced into dire financial straits as a result of all of this turmoil in everyone’s normal routines.

Even so, we worry for our two adult “kids,” a son and a daughter, who are in the midst of job furloughs and trying to maintain some sense of normalcy in the current goings on. And there are the two grandsons to think about. Being out of school for a month hasn’t caused too much anxiety for them—to this point, anyway. But, the sad reality that this thing, in all probability, will continue on indefinitely, wiping out their summer baseball seasons and, perhaps, the fall football season, is beginning to make it clear to them that we all are in uncharted waters here! There don’t appear to be any quick fixes for any of this, and that is a frightful, sobering thought.

Fortunately, there have been no ill effects of the virus to any of us. The “social distancing” is doing what it’s supposed to be doing, I’ve been led to believe. Yet, one hears so many differing angles for the same piece of news, day in and day out. It becomes a question of who do we believe?

I have not been a regular viewer of TV news for quite some time, for many reasons: All seem to have only one agenda or purpose, which I believe completely hinders their objectivity and fairness. In my desire to keep this from turning into a political spiel, I’ll not belabor the point further.

So where exactly do I go to stay informed about what is happening around me? It seems that it’s an endless quest to find a straight, unbiased news story about the important news of the day. Right now, none is more important than that which deals with the Covid-19 world we’ve been forced to inhabit. Finding some form of media–print, radio, or TV–that is free of a political slant and axe to grind is usually a fool’s errand. 

However, I have found that often a visit to the Associated Press (AP) Web site provides me the news without the clutter of a political bias or so much TV/radio grandstanding by “talent” posing as journalists. I can usually read through the AP news stories and have a good understanding of the facts without being hit over the head with some “journalist’s” vitriolic opinion. Suffice it to say, I believe I’m better off keeping the TV off… until it’s time for the day’s Jeopardy! episode.

Yes, it looks awfully normal outside…all that sunshine and blue, cloudless skies. I long for the time when that will be the case once again. But for now we all are in a much different world, and we should all do whatever we can to help shorten the duration of this Covid-19.

Someone, somewhere is going to hit upon the answers to solving this puzzle, and hopefully before the death rate climbs higher. Let us hope and pray that those answers are discovered sooner than later as we hold on, with hope for good times ahead.

Stay safe, friends!

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “With hope for good times ahead…

  1. I’m happy to hear you are getting on alright. The whole world is suffering under this thing and those of us in first world countries are the lucky ones aren’t we. I’m with you on following the news. I don’t. I listen to our PM’s briefing every day at 1 pm – straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak – and for the rest of it carry on following the rules and doing my damnest to stop the spread of this thing. Stay safe Mark, stay well!

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