Catching up and some “Super Sunday” thoughts…

OK. It’s been way too long since I actually sat down with the sole purpose to write something to post on Down Many Roads—my long-standing blog about various topics of which I’m interested. And I’ve frittered away so many opportunities to do that very thing during the past several weeks and months. Reading, rather than writing, has still been my “go to” activity when I’m up before dawn most mornings, and I feel rather guilty about that—but not that guilty! Recently, I have enjoyed reading the following books: Beneath a Scarlet Sky, by Mark Sullivan; The Russia Hoax, by Greg Jarrett; The Saga of the Pony Express, by Joseph J. Di Certo;

Since I last posted regarding our wonderful adventure on the Oregon Trail with our grandsons, I have been busy with a few road trips to Ohio to see Mom and my older sister and husband. Mom turned 90 last month and is doing remarkably well. We had just returned from an 18-day Panama Canal cruise, and our intention was to make the six hour drive to northern Ohio to celebrate her birthday on the actual day—January 22. But a nagging viral infection entered the scene, as did the return of the Polar Vortex, preventing me from making the trip to the shores of Lake Erie.

About that same time, we had been inundated with continuous snowfalls, accumulations mounting daily. As such, I’m planning a trip out in a couple of weeks, hoping that this sudden thaw and this stretch of very pleasant weather will hold on for a while. Fingers crossed.

Our aforementioned cruise began on January 2, when we flew out of O’Hare to San Diego. From start to finish, the whole trip was wonderful, particularly the warm and comfortable weather all the way along, where we ended up in Fort Lauderdale and flew home from there. I will be writing about the highlights of this adventure in future posts.

Watching the Super Bowl yesterday left me in a total state of “the blahs.” Not only was the game a complete flop, the commercials—usually the highlight of Super Sunday—were non existent. There is definitely something going on in our world and society that has changed things that are supposed to be fun into anything but. Too much preachy content that caters to a generation I find difficult to comprehend much of the time. The outcome was not really surprising, and I’m not a Patriots football fan. However, I do admire their achievements and their adherence to off-the-field obligations. Enjoy your White House visit, Patriots!

Now, it’s time to focus on getting through February. Good to be back and writing! See you sooner than later…

4 thoughts on “Catching up and some “Super Sunday” thoughts…

  1. Panama is a pretty neat place to visit. I have vacationed there a couple of times. Playa Venao to be precise. It’s a surfing mecca and home to the Panama championship event.
    I have never been a fan of football, (I like a lot more action than that offers), and living on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, I get a lot of WTFs when the subject of the Patriots comes up and I have no idea what is being talked about. I still get a kick when I see a 45 year old man wearing a Patriots shirt with the name of a 25 year old on his back. That seems creepy to me.
    Finally, thanks for the book suggestions, I read a lot and am always looking for material.

    1. Mark

      Thanks for checking in, John. Glad you enjoyed the book selections. I would recommend reading Beneath a Scarlet Sky right off. Based on a true story during WWII in Italy. Take care.

  2. I like that you are back, Mark. Your absence from blogging reminds me of my own life – reading, not writing, traveling not writing, family fun and not writing. Well – we need to have a life to write about – right 🙂 It’s all good.

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