Off to that make-believe world…

It’s early morning—still dark out. Up early, coffee made, and the need to write coursing its way through me. Music from Internet Radio’s Cinemix plays softy in my ear buds, providing the background soundtrack to my writing efforts this morning.

I’ve been up since shortly after five. I checked the iPhone for any overnight e-mail or texts (not much to talk about there) and a quick scan of Facebook. Frightening just how greater the divide in this country is becoming!

Even so, I will try to shut all of that out while, at the same time, immersing myself in a world of fiction, where characters act and talk and think, hoping to move my story along to a logical and good conclusion.

The beauty of writing make-believe stuff is all about control. We control everything that happens in that world, and, ultimately, the outcome and the actions leading to that outcome. Were it so easy in the non-fiction world!

After a couple of hours, when the writing stint is finished, I will come face to face once more with that non-fiction world where my usual tasks and errands await.

Sadly, my time with my characters and their story won’t alter any of the growling and griping by so many people (of all political persuasions) who are bent on ripping and tearing this country apart!

The first light of the new day is showing itself. I like to believe that there are still promises of good things ahead on this day, beginning with a visit to my make-believe world with my make-believe characters. And that’s where I’m off to now…

Here’s to a good day to you all!2015-09-15 06.34.40.jpg

6 thoughts on “Off to that make-believe world…

  1. My bike and going to the show is keeping me sane. After two duds, Manchester By The Sea and Passengers, I watched a movie that really moved me. Hidden Figures. I highly recommend it if one who goes to the show.

    1. Hi John:
      Thanks for the comment. I haven’t been to many movies during the past years, but I’m always up for a good one. I’ll have to check out Hidden Figures. The title sounds interesting. Stay sane, friend! 🙂

  2. cultivatingtime

    Being able to escape into your writing sounds like a great idea. I no longer watch the TV news in the UK. I feel a lot better about it.

    1. Thank you. Sorry it’s taken so long to reply to your comment. It’s a real battle to believe much of what the mainstream media passes as “news” just about everywhere. I guess taking it one day at a time will be helpful for better peace of mind! Thanks for checking in. 🙂

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