Where’s my phone…?

1b.jpgEver have that sinking feeling when you realize that something is really lost? Well, it’s been a while since I have experienced it, but last week provided the opportunity once again to “enjoy” it all over again.

Yeah, I’ve misplaced things and retraced my steps and eventually caught up to the missing item, but last week’s little episode didn’t go quite that way.

Am I really becoming more forgetful?

Not sure, but I really think it’s my mind beginning to go kaplowy at an ever-increasing degree of speed. At any rate, I certainly don’t want to turn in to the absent-minded goof who’s always in search of lost things! On that, though, time will tell.

What happened, you ask?

While preparing for my drive back up to Michigan, I was scurrying about getting the car packed and trying to do several things at the same time as I’m wont to do (and usually with grim results). As always, I had my iPhone with me so I wouldn’t miss any crucial incoming communiques or other cutting-edge whimsy from Facebook friends.

At the same time, I was running back and forth between the garage and the laundry room finishing up some last-minute “lake” laundry and things I’d need for the upcoming NASCAR Race Weekend over at Michigan International Speedway with my son, who would be driving to the cottage after work the next day.

After a time, I had the laundry completed and the Equinox pretty well loaded. Everything was finally in its place in the “way-back,”  and I decided to take a break and plop down in my garage chair next to the open hatch of the car and sip a beverage and enjoy my wonderful packing accomplishment. After a quick check of my phone, I set it down on the flat rear bumper of my trusty car.

Finishing my “break,” I realized that I still had to make a trip to the store for the items to take to Michigan, and I lost myself in making a list and shortly closed the hatchback and got in and drove off to the store a few miles away.

And perhaps you’re beginning to realize what happened in the next couple of hours. Yes, I got to the store and back and was pretty well set for the next morning’s journey to the lake. I decided I’d better call my son to let him know I’d meet him up there when he arrived late in the evening and we’d go to dinner.

Where’s my phone?

And so the frantic scramble to locate my phone began. At first, I thought it was in the car, having slid from the console where I keep it when out and about. No dice.

A quick search of the shelves in the garage where I sometimes place it when I’m out there also offered no solution. And, of course, there was the searching of parts of the house where I hadn’t even been all day, but it could have somehow gotten put there by some strange power! Still no luck.

Those who have ever misplaced something know how the millions of crazy thoughts begin spiraling through the old noggin the longer the search draws on.

At this point, I quickly got back in the car and beat a hasty retreat to the store and checked with the customer service folks. Nothing. I even made a trip to a local farm stand where I’d been earlier in the morning…just in case. Nope.

Driving back home, I wondered what I was going to do next. I was out of places to check. So back home, I repeated my earlier searches and then fired up the MacBook and sent a couple of messages to my son and wife, who was gone for the day, asking them to call my phone. That’s usually the sure-fire method of locating our phones when we’ve misplaced them—that is, if they’re within hearing distance!

I waited for the familiar tone to signal that all was well and the little devil was only playing hide ’n seek with me.


More silence.

And at this juncture I realized that this wasn’t just a misplaced, out-of-sight cell phone!

With nothing else to do at the moment, and helpless without any other phone in the house (no land line here), I sat back at my computer and sent out another desperate text to my son to update him. Fortunately, he was home from work by this time and had been trying time after time to call my number. He said that it had rung and gone to the usual voice mail message. The thing was obviously “out there” somewhere!

Not long after his latest message, I sat back and thought about having to replace the thing at an expense I wasn’t eager to entail. And then another message from my son popped on my screen: “i found your phone. Some lady answered and found it on the side of the road. Is there any way you can call it? I have an address where she lives.”

Holy smokes! I couldn’t believe it. Was this luck or what! I fired off a quick text to him telling him to call her back because there was no way for me to call her, and that I’d be at her address very shortly.

I think I was out the door before the message crossed the ether and was on my way to a rural address about three or four miles from us. Since we live out in a small town in the country, most addresses are rural, but I was familiar with her location, not too far from the route I drive to the store. images.jpeg

I was there within fifteen minutes and found the house. A very pleasant lady met me when I stepped from the car, and she was waving a familiar black iPhone in my direction. “Is this yours?” she asked, smiling as she noticed the relieved look I was displaying.

It was indeed mine, and, amazingly, it was in perfect condition. How in the heck it ended in this lady’s possession was my next question. She said that a short time ago she had been driving along one of the nearby roads—one that I had driven earlier that day on the way to and from the store—and had spotted the phone lying along the edge.

And then it all became clear: I had left the phone on the rear bumper where I’d placed it during my little break in the garage earlier!

Her keen awareness of spotting it saved me lots of inconveniences and expense. One cannot thank someone enough for their honesty and kindness in something like this.

I told her my name and phone number and asked her for hers and that if she ever needed anything to give me a call. I also asked if she needed anything for her good deed. Smiling, she just shook her head, indicating that nothing was expected.

I appreciated that, but I do have a note with a “thank you” gift enclosed that I’ll be delivering on my way out of town in a while.

This time, however, I’ll make sure my phone isn’t riding along on the rear bumper! Unknown.jpeg



6 thoughts on “Where’s my phone…?

  1. Isn’t it nice to know there are honest people out in the world who are willing to go above and beyond? You strike me as that type of person, so I guess the old saying is true, “What goes around comes around.” This was your turn. I’m happy you got your phone back. I have a flip phone, so my loss wouldn’t be as devastating. 🙂

    1. How right you are, Jill! Just when I think the worst of what humankind is becoming, a kind soul such as this lady dispells those negative thoughts! I think there’s a story from all of this. Stay tuned….😊

  2. Years ago I absentmindedly set a coat onto the top of my car and then drove away. Even though I retraced my drive (multiple times), I never saw it again. I still miss that coat! So happy to know your phone didn’t suffer the same fate.

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