Morning thoughts from JollyYet…

Oh, what a beautiful morning…

100_4645.jpgWriting this from the cottage (JollyYet) porch this morning, I’m visited by my friends the hummingbirds, who can’t decide which of the two feeders to patronize, and so keep zooming back and forth betwixt the two. IMG_1812.jpg

Off to my right, about thirty feet away, are the two “regular” bird feeders (which are going to need refilling today), where a hungry rose-breasted grosbeak picks and pecks away at the remaining grains and seeds. A couple of hopeful chipmunks are on point below, awaiting the sloppy habits of the birds above, knowing that they’ll be IMG_1797.jpgrewarded soon.

The lake, for a mid-week Wednesday morning, is unusually noisy and busy. Already a fast ski boat has passed by below, a talented skier in tow shouting instructions over the din of the motor. Another large and loud one slowly made its way into my atmosphere a short while ago, blasting some equally loud and annoying hip-hop/rap “tune” through its massive speakers mounted on the overhead tow bar. Please…

But, nothing is forever. Like the boats and skiers and noise that show up but eventually go away, so is our summer life at this wonderful, old resort tucked away under the giant oaks and maples and dogwoods.

On such a morning as this (and there have been quite a few this summer), I realize how much this place has meant to me the seventeen summers we’ve been coming up here. And I’m finally realizing that there are but a few weeks remaining in our role as summer “lakers.”

As I wrote in an earlier post, this is to be our last summer taking a cottage. We began discussing this about a year ago and agreed that we’d do it one more summer, especially since Carolyn would be retired from a long career in the hair dressing business and could spend more time here during the summer weeks. And now those weeks are winding down to when we have to close up and be out of here: September 17. Our reasons for giving it up are many, and I will share those in a future post very soon.

We’re having some company over the Labor Day weekend, which is always a very busy time here, and it should be lots of fun, although we’ll be pulling the pier out then (for the last time!) and we’ll be seriously getting things packed up and taken home or into the dumpster. We’re hoping that whoever will be occupying this place after us would like to have the various futons and other items we are happy to leave here for them. We shall see.

IMG_1201.jpgAnd so, the morning edges along with wonderful breezes and pleasant temperatures. I am here until early Saturday morning, when I’m heading home for a few days to attend our grandson’s first football game and, of course, take care of mowing, etc.

Carolyn left for home yesterday, allowing me to be here by myself to work on my writing for the remainder of the week. And that’s how I’ll be spending the rest of my morning here on the porch of JollyYet, my fine, feathered friends close by, and the waters calm and quiet out in front once more.

Lucky me!


7 thoughts on “Morning thoughts from JollyYet…

  1. I have been trying to figure out why your posts on this last summer at your lake has created such a sadness in my heart. I don’t know your cottage, I don’t know your lake, for heaven’s sake, I don’t even know you (except through your posts!) and yet, I keep thinking, “No! Don’t leave your cottage … don’t leave your lake!”

    I think that it just reminds me of the summers with my grandparents at a lake in the middle of North Dakota where I spent so much of my childhood summers. I can trace every inch of their cabin, I can see every ripple in the lake.

    But, sometimes, you let go, whether you’re ready to … or not. Enjoy these last weeks at your summer place … not only for you, but for the rest of us, too! 🙂

    1. Hey, Bloggess! The last thing I want to do is make anyone sad out there! Yes, it’s been nearly 17 years of wonderful memories, but there are other things we want to spend our money on at this point. Of course, I’ll miss so much of what it’s all about “up here” in Michigan during those lovely summer months, but I relish the thoughts of trips to places we have wanted to go for such a long time but have been restricted due to the ever-rising cost for the summer rental on the cottage. Time to move on. 🙂

      1. Oh, Mark … it was a “good” sadness … it rekindled those wonderful memories of being a kid with my grandparents down at the lake.

        I’m glad that you have 17 years of memories to enjoy … and there’s nothing wrong with moving on to new adventures! ~ Jackie

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