Out of Florida & off to “Big D”

One Good Thing…

It’s time for the weekly  post of a feature I’ve chosen to title “One Good Thing.” Each weekend, I’ll post something about what has been good to—or for—me during the week.
The end of a long day calls for a cold drink!

As all things do, our time in Florida drew to a close on Monday, and we were on to the next stage of our marathon journey, logging many, many miles between Fort Myers and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Having our comfortable hotel ready and waiting upon our arrival made for a relaxing evening.

We were up and out the following morning, en route to Dallas, Texas, where we would spend the rest of the week. The drive up through a great portion of Louisiana to Shreveport took us through large stretches of open land. The sunny weather we’d grown accustomed to all week in Florida had changed to gray and overcast for our travel. It would turn very angry later on as we entered East Texas.

A couple of heavy downpours, with solid sheets of rain and wind, forced me to pull over on the interstate to wait for it to lessen and clear up enough so I could see where I was going. At last, we drove out of it the closer to Dallas we were, and the sun actually made an appearance to welcome us to the area.

As always, we had our little friend, the Garmin, working wonderfully to get us to places with which we were quite unfamiliar. The only glitch was when she instructed us to take a certain ramp in the heart of Dallas that was no longer available due to massive road construction. Fortunately, we found a quick alternate route that took us exactly to where we needed to be.

Once more, we found our hotel reservation to be all in order and we couldn’t have been happier with the location to all that we had planned for the days ahead. The first-floor room was comfy and well maintained.

Now we were ready for our son and his family to join us, flying in from Chicago on Thursday evening. We would all be going to the Chicago Blackhawks hockey game against the Dallas Stars Friday night.

Waiting for our Hawks to take the ice in Dallas.

But first there was an important tour to take. We made the short drive into Dallas and went to the historic site of the JFK assassination and hopped aboard a trolley for a one-hour, fully narrated tour of the events of the tragic day in Dallas.

Our driver, Mike, was outstanding and made everything about the trip interesting, and he clarified much of what I’d only ever read or heard. Being there at the actual site, driving the route of Kennedy’s last motorcade on that sad day in 1963, when I was an 8th grader, was quite stark and surreal. I could almost feel myself back on that November day, when life as we knew it changed forever. (More on this in a future post)

Oswald’s view on November 22, 1963

After Mike’s tour brought us back to where it had begun in Dealy Plaza, we headed to the JFK 6th Floor Museum in what was the infamous Texas Book Depository. We enjoyed the audio self-guided tour of the exhibits, full of vital information about the whole event, culminating with a visit to the actual sniper’s nest Oswald had created in the corner of the 6th floor. I must say, it was very moving to be exactly where the greatest crime in American /World history took place!

To say that the whole tour was sobering, would be an understatement. By afternoon, we were ready to head back out in the direction of our hotel where we could find a nice place for lunch and to make plans for our remaining time in Dallas.

The museum in the Texas Book Depository

Once our son and wife and grandkids arrived, there were many laughs and fun times. Our trip wound down, and they would be flying back on Sunday, well after Carolyn and I would be pulling away for the long thirteen-hour drive back to northern Illinois.

Some final thoughts on this marvelous trip will be the subject of my next post once I’m back on home turf.

Until next time, that’s one good thing…



13 thoughts on “Out of Florida & off to “Big D”

    1. Hi, Mary. We got home last night, driving in straight from Dallas, a 14-hour trip. Am a bit weary right now, but all is back in order around here, and you’re right about our trip being “incredible!” I’ll be thinking about it for a long time to come. And you really should plan to visit the USA down the road. 🙂

      1. Hey, I was born in Pennsylvania and still have many relatives out there! When you do plan to make another trip “across the pond,” please keep me posted on your plans. 🙂

    1. Luanne, we didn’t have any snags caused by the president’s visit (didn’t even realize he was there!) as we were so busy finding our way around the place. We had a terrific time from start to finish and we did, indeed, have fun! 🙂

    1. Hey, Jill! From beginning to end, we drove 4,455 miles. And that doesn’t include the miles we logged on our boat trip to and from Key West! To say it was a “great trip” would pretty well sum it all up. What fun we had at the hockey game Friday night (although the Hawks stunk!) and all day Saturday at Fort Worth’s Stockyard Station and the rodeo that night! Our drive home yesterday was good–but long. Now, it’s back to getting re-acquainted with the homestead! 🙂

    1. Hello, capejohn, I haven’t heard of “Waze,” but I’ll check into it. The problem with our Garmin is the maps are out of date, and I haven’t ever been able to figure out how they can be updated. I used Google Maps a few times on the trip, and it seemed to do a pretty good job. Anyway, thanks for checking in and letting me know about “Waze.” If it’s easy to use, I’ll give it a shot. 🙂

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