TV in the waiting room…

Is it just me, or are there others out there who are forced to sit through the pain of what I call “The Waiting Room Torture”? You know, when you’re having your oil changed or tires put on or while nervously anticipating an echocardiogram.

God, I hope my test goes OK…

And what, you might ask, is the torture involved here? Easy. The TV seems to always be tuned to one of the many insipid and annoying daytime offerings. And since I usually have my appointments scheduled before noon, I’m treated to the jackpot of television delights!

I don’t even watch TV during the day while I’m at home, let alone in some business or hospital.

I’m probably the exception to the rule, however, since there are those who simply cannot function without their morning “fix” of mindless viewing. (The View, Good Morning America, or some kind of game show with lots of jumping, screaming, and contestant and audience orgasmisizing!) 

I normally have a book along, and I actually look forward to having the time to read it while I wait, but the droning of the noise coming from the TV always seems to override my intentions to lose myself in the book.

Instead, Whoopi Bahar or Ellen what’s-her-name or some over-caffeinated game show host prevents me from accomplishing anything of the sort.

I’ve often considered commandeering the remote control and turning the thing off—or at least muting it—especially when I’m the only one in the waiting room. But I never do! But that doesn’t mean I won’t—someday.

I suppose that the psychology behind having a TV tuned in to mindless pap will help customers and patients pass the time and take their minds off the fact that they’re waiting.

Actually, I’d rather sit in relative silence, reading my book, and giving very little thought to when the tires will finally be installed or how my echo test will turn out. But that’s just me.

And though I’m never too thrilled when it’s finally my turn to go in, one-on-one, with the doctor or test tech, I’m just happy to leave the cacophony of the waiting room TV behind!

And that’s all I’m going to say about that…for now. 🙂




14 thoughts on “TV in the waiting room…

  1. I’m definitely in your corner concerning the TV in the waiting room. I always bring the New York Times because I can get lost in the entertainment, arts and book sections.

    1. It wouldn’t be so bad if people were actually watching it. Instead, it’s on just to be on! If I want some background, ambient noise, I’ll opt for Diana Krall, Beegie Adair, or some good, old Stan Getz. 🙂

  2. I never was much of a daytime television show watcher but don’t mind much and having children taught me how to read with distractions, Mark. College dorms had music, tvs on and people shouting or talking. . . The library put me to sleep, too quiet! 🙂

    1. Robin, I know what you mean about adapting to the “natural” noises in our world, but I guess I’m just an old “fuddy duddy” who doesn’t appreciate the finer qualities of society! That’s just me. 🙂

  3. I hear you on this. Very annoying. If it’s on a news station, I’m okay with it (as long as the volume is not too loud), but the other daytime drivel? No thank you.

    Hope your tests turn out okay

  4. ‘Actually, I’d rather sit in relative silence, reading my book, and giving very little thought to when the tires will finally be installed or how my echo test will turn out. But that’s just me.’ And me! I can’t bear the TV. I watch the odd thing – mainly films and documentaries but sitting in silence is infinitely more preferable to daytime drivel, which actually depresses me. Good luck with your tests, Mark 🙂

  5. This must be a universal phenomenon. Happens in almost every waiting room in Singapore too, from banks to hospitals to even the ferries plying the outer islands. But they almost always screen reruns of Mr Bean. There must be a company streaming that out to all waiting rooms here to torture ‘waiters’.

  6. Hi. Thanks for checking in. I would actually take Mr. Bean over the nonsense that currently is beamed into any waiting room I have the “pleasure” to visit! I think you’re on to something about there being some sort of “company” conspiracy at work. 🙂

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