Blog on!


The week begins anew. Coffee is hot (and good!).

The birds have emptied the feeders that I just re-filled on Saturday, yet they still hunt and peck about on the ground below in search of overlooked seeds.

Sipping the hot coffee, I read blog posts of those new friends from the Blogging 101 class that wrapped up at the end of last week.

I realize how much good information I took in during the fifteen-day run of the course. Thanks to the tasks and various activities therein, I am wiser and more comfortable in trying new and advanced things on this blog of mine.

To anyone beginning a blog of his or her own, I would offer the following suggestions:

  1. Set a limit to your word count. Brief is usually better!
  2. Pay attention to spelling, usage, and grammar. Personally, I dump out of reading posts full of errors. (No excuses if one is serious about sharing his or her writing with the world!)
  3. Find a theme that fits your style and personality. It will take some time, but there are many from which to choose.
  4. Read other blogs and comment on the posts you read, respectfully and sincerely.
  5. Make your blog pages easy to navigate.
  6. Have an ABOUT page that tells the reader about YOU and why you’re blogging and any other interesting stuff that might entice a reader to want to read more of what you write. (I always look for the location from where the writer is situated and am disappointed when that info is missing.)
  7. Make blogging a fun thing.

OK. Monday crawls onward. The coffee cup is empty (like the bird feeders). Blogging 101 still fresh in my mind, I plan my week and will now spend time scheduling my posts for the week ahead.

Enjoy the journey. Blog onward and upward!

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23 thoughts on “Blog on!

  1. Ah yes, brief is always better! People don’t have the time to read posts that go on and on…at least, I don’t. As for responding to comments people have made on your blog, I’ve stopped following blogger who do this. If someone takes the time to read your post and comment, it’s only common courtesy to respond. Enjoy the day, Mark!

  2. Good advice, Mark, although “brief” is a rather arbitrary label. I think just long enough to actually say what you need to say is good advice. One paragraph that says nothing is definitely worse than a long blog that continues to inform throughout. Again, good advice well put!

    1. Hi, lifelessons. I like what you say about the length of a post being “arbitrary.” A point well taken. While I don’t have a specific word count in mind, I just think it’s better to make a point in 300 words instead of droning on to over 500. But sometimes it may be necessary, depending on the topic and the main point of the post. Thanks again. 🙂

      1. I have two friends who keep telling me the same thing, Mark, (Hi Ann, Hi Audrey) and believe me, I have taken heed. Sometimes, however, my mind races ahead, pulling me after it, and I just gotta overwrite! It’s a bit like a marathon. Some can stand alongside cheering, some await me at the finish line, others wish me well and go on home to read about the results in the evening news!

  3. All good tips. I agree setting a word-count limit is important. People are busy with lots of things vying for their attention. As good as a 2,000-word post may be, the length might keep people from reading it. And yes to an About page. Always nice to see who’s hiding behind the curtain!

    1. Thank you, Carrie. Yep. Nothing says it quite like one of those posts that stretches on endlessly! While trying to read one, I find myself continuously wondering when is it all going to end? 🙂

  4. Good tips, which I’ll use to check over my blog and future posts. Well done!

    Don’t know if you read my post, Randall’s Ramblings. You blog made a mention and the post was sent out to my Twitter and Linkedin accounts, too.

    1. Thank you, Randy. I did read Randall’s Ramblings, and thank you very much for the mention! I really do appreciate it. I liked your entire post–particularly the way you broke it into sections. I think you have a winner there. Have a wonderful week! 🙂

  5. Was the course worth it? I thought you already knew it all ;)! About the errors: a new blogger has been reading my blog, so I checked out his/her blog and while I liked some, one post was so sloppy that I stopped reading. I felt bad, but I really shouldn’t. It just made it hard for me to read.

    1. Like the old saying about “you only have one chance to make a first impression,” spelling and grammar go a long way to achieving just that! As for knowing it all, not even close! Always something to learn every day. 🙂

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  7. Hi Mark, I appreciate the clarity of your writing, the strength of your voice and you sound advice to new writers and bloggers. If it’s of interest to you, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogging award. I really enjoy your work.

    1. Hi, Amy. Wow! Very nice comments. I appreciate them immensely. And thank you, too, for the nomination for the Versatile Blogging award. I hope you’ll come back here often. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

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