Weekend’s end…

It’s late Sunday night, the conclusion of a very busy and good weekend. First a road trip to Wisconsin. Then our grandsons’ basketball games. Finally, dinner and a hockey game with family and friends.

It started early Friday morning with a drive through rural northern Illinois to Kenosha, Wisconsin, with two good friends.

The drive over took us through countryside we’d not been before, and it was a very pleasant and relaxing trip covering just under ninety miles.

Unknown.jpegWhy Kenosha? There is a Civil War Museum there located on the beautiful lakefront of Lake Michigan. Plus, it was just one of those times when we were ready for what the wife and I call a “field trip.”

Sometimes our trips are centered around genealogy searches, and others are all about doing and/or seeing something new. And what better way to enjoy one of our field trips than with two very good, long-time friends?

After a few hours of exploring the wonderful museum, we were ready to head out for lunch at the famous Brat Stop that would be right on our way back home.brat-stop.jpg

The place is located halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee and features good bratwurst and various cold beers. It’s been around since the 60s and is one of those combination bar/restaurant/cheese shops that tends to lure tourists and other travelers in!

The next morning began early once again, finding us in attendance at each of our two grandsons’ basketball games, followed by an hour’s drive up to Rockford where we had a 5:00 dinner reservation.

After a delicious dinner at Capri’s Italian Restaurant, we took in an exciting hockey game between the Rockford Ice Hogs and the Iowa Wild. There was plenty of excitement that kept young and old on the edge of our seats!

By the time we got back home, it was almost midnight, and after our whirlwind two days, we were worn out and looking forward to a quiet Sunday following church and a pancake breakfast.

And so the day turned out to be pretty much just what we expected. I caught up on my blogging activities, reading and commenting on many that I follow, and Carolyn napped and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

And now we close it down and prepare for another week ahead. Until next time… 🙂

6 thoughts on “Weekend’s end…

  1. I spend quite a bit of time around that area when #2 son went to school in Peoria and my job also took me to Naperville quit often. I have some moments from my time in the Midwest.
    “To get to Chicago from Peoria drive 45 minutes to rt. (whatever it was), then go straight for three hours.”
    I met a student I coached at Bradley while I was in Naperville. He was on a college visit and the team was playing in St. Louis. He and I drove to the match and stopped at a rest area. While he was on the payphone, calling collect, (it was the 90’s), I told him to tell his father where we were. His quote, “I don’t know why but coach wants me to read a sign to you that says we are on rt. 66.”

    1. Hi, capejohn. Thanks for checking in. Naperville was our home for a long time. After I retired in 2007, we moved out here to the farmlands near DeKalb. Still close enough to go back to visit friends or dentist/doctor appointments, etc. Love it out here, away from the rush-rush lifestyle and the ungodly traffic! If you were on I-55 coming up to Chicago from Peoria, you were on the road that replaced Route 66. One can still drive on actual stretches of the old highway through a good portion of central Illinois. I’ve done it a few times, and it’s pretty neat. Of course, one of my “list items” is to travel the entire Route 66 from Chicago to LA. By the way, what did you coach at Bradley? 🙂

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