Blogging 101-Day 11: In the Summertime

“Sunny conditions with a wind chill of -22°”

I read that over a couple of times to make sure I’m seeing it correctly, and there’s no doubt IMG_1395about it: It’s cold! Darn cold!

And though it’s a very comfortable 69 degrees here in my writing room, I can almost feel the numbing cold out there, and the bright sun in the clear blue sky is deceiving.

As such, my morning thoughts race ahead about five months to those delightful and glorious early days of summer, when the sun and the air are just right and we’re settling into our cottage on a lake in southwestern Michigan.

Late May. The feeling of newness and freshness is all around, and the air of wonderful anticipation for the memorable summer to be is everywhere. We re-connect with our “lake friends” once more and catch one another up on the past fall and winter exploits. We all agree that it’s good to be back, in the old familiar cottages, making summer memories all over again!

The first pontoon cruise of the season feels like the first one ever. Plying the waters during those early days is an annual rite that never fails to accentuate the fact that we’re here…free to breathe and forget winter’s chill! We’re all younger and healthier and happier than we’ve been in such a long time.

There are the Friday nights on our screened porch, talking and laughing and enjoying cold beer, where we fall just short of solving all of the world’s problems. But there will always be next time, we all believe.

There are days full of sun, spent on the pier and in the water, and playing kids’ “stuff” in the magical water. Weekends we moan about the out-of-control “weekend warriors” who show up for a couple of days and disturb our pristine and perfect conditions!

Come late Sunday afternoon, though, the noise level diminishes, the lake settles down, and our lives are peaceful once more. Dusk creeps in while we’re not looking, and the lights all around the lake begin to flicker on—one by one—as another summer night arrives.

Sometimes the days are void of sun and blue skies—that’s OK—given over to rain and low-hanging clouds. There is often thunder and lightning—terrifying at times—and we wonder how the ancient structure that is our cottage manages to remain upright.

The tall, old oaks sigh and groan at the wind’s persistence, tearing forcibly out of the southwest, straight across the lake waters.

A rainy day is welcome, after so many idyllic ones in a row. These kinds of days are my IMG_1074.jpg“writing times” when I work on my novel or short stories in the perfect spot on the porch, where I’m sheltered from the storm outside. I can look out over the curtain of gray pounding down through the trees and steadily pelting the lake. All is good!

Summer days. I haven’t given them much thought until just now. The frigid state of things outside, and the reality of the little blurb that popped up on my computer screen when I sat down to write, triggered thoughts and memories of so many summers past and the summer ahead.

And if only for a brief time this morning, I’m warmed by the good days that lie in wait five months away–far removed from -22° wind chill!

13 thoughts on “Blogging 101-Day 11: In the Summertime

    1. Hi, cape john! As a matter of fact, ice fishing is a very popular activity on the lake of which I wrote, but it’s three hours away from home here, and we only go there in the summer. I know many folks who love spending hours out in the ice shanty, watching their tip-ups and keeping warm with nature’s spirits! 🙂

  1. The one perk of winter this year is it didn’t really arrive for us here in Ohio until January. I figure that gives us one month less of winter this year. Yee haw! Of course, I guess it could last a month longer. But let’s not even go there…

    1. You’re right about the “real” winter weather holding off until recently. Sometimes we get nailed in November, and it never lets up until March! Regardless, it’s nice to sit in here where it’s warm and comfy, thinking summer thoughts. Stay warm, Carrie! 🙂

  2. I feel so bad for y’all in the cold climates! It hasn’t been very sunny here, so I feel bad for my mother visiting her for 2 months, but then she and I talk about the temp back in Kalamazoo and how she’s avoiding all that and we perk right up!

    1. Not to worry, Luanne. It’s not all that bad, since I can stay inside and write and think all of those “summer thoughts” that will come to fruition down the road! Of course, I could go for a walk in shorts and t-shirt out where you are right about now! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jill. Yes the mild December lulled us all into a false sense of security! At least we’re not battling straight periods of ice and snow (at the moment) and we’re moving right along toward February. Stay warm down there. We’ll be heading to Waynesville, NC the end of February for a few days, and I expect pleasant and comfortable conditions!!! 🙂

  3. Lovely visual piece, Mark. I can truly imagine your idyllic summers. They sound wonderful. I kind of like the stark contrast of the seasons. There’s not such a difference between our seasons here (in the UK), although the temperature dropped to -2 last night (28.4 Fahrenheit), which is cold for us. I obviously can’t cope with it as I’ve caught the flu!!

    1. maryruth16, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been bitten by the flu bug! If it helps, think of those same “summer” thoughts of which I wrote. I hope you’re feeling better very soon. Looking forward to your next post. Stay warm! 🙂

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