Christmas spirit went thataway…

IMG_1340The day after Christmas. Rainy…dreary…depressing. Feeling empty and a bit let down today. Spent most of yesterday on our own..watched the grandsons tear open Santa’s gifts early at their house and then it was time to leave as other plans and wishes took them all elsewhere…no family to surround us and offer up and share in many laughs and good times …Alas, weren’t asked to join that side of the family for dinner or all of the other festivities that go with that part of the day…Instead, came home and passed the time with quiet reading and pretending it didn’t hurt…The joys of the season!


6 thoughts on “Christmas spirit went thataway…

  1. themamdiaries

    Christmas can be a right b*tch, the pressure to entertain and be entertaining. Refreshing to hear someone say it wasn’t all sparkle and glitter. I lead a charmed life and I find it difficult – my hubby and I have had a real heart to heart about it this week, turns out we have really different expectations of the festive period, it’s only taken us 30 years to work that out. Decided to make some positive changes next year – Here’s to a positive and fun 2016, meet back here next year to review Christmas 2016? Lizzy

  2. Hope 2016 is brighter Mark. When my husband john died in 2002 Christmas lost its joy for myself and two daughters (13 and 16) and I had to consciously create a new Christmas tradition for us. I come from a big family and all my siblings still have partners. I have to say I love just having the three of us on Christmas Day with our own take on the season – some years we didn’t even get out of our PJs, other years dinner was whatever junk food we denied ourselves during the year, we make each other gifts and cards, we watch a selection of favourite funny videos… all of this continued via Skype when my older daughter was in Canada and one Christmas we all spent there. I catch up with other friends and family on different days but haven’t bought into the commercialisation or pressure to behave in a certain way for a long time because traditional expectations can make you feel out of kilter, but hey we writers are a strange breed and can go against the flow… Here’s to a great year of blogging and writing.

  3. Mairi, Thank you for your wonderful comments and sharing your Christmas Day traditions. How wonderful! There are so many different ways to celebrate, and I guess the important thing is doing so with those we love. My 2016 is off to a wonderful beginning, and the Christmas of which I wrote in that whiny post–feeling sorry for myself, I believe–turned out very well. On the following Sunday, we had the son and family here for the day, and it was terrific. Everyone had a super time. I shall not whine any more in this new year! (Getting too old for it to really matter!) Thanks again for your thoughts. 🙂

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