Stowing the travel bags and shaving kit…

Way out here in Colorado, the Rockies begin to rise up behind me!

After a few awkward moments, my MacBook and I have become reacquainted  with one another and have agreed to spend more time together each morning from now on! Seems as though it’s been a long time between posts, having been on the road since the beginning of the month, and I have been way too remiss in writing anything.

In fact, I kind of feel as though I’m a stranger in my own house and feeling my way along to re-learn the lay of the land as it were. But the good news is, the travel bags and shaving kit are now completely unpacked and stowed away, and life as I know it can return to a sense of normalcy once more.

Three weeks ago tomorrow, we set out on the first leg of our mile-collecting journey to Omaha, Nebraska, and then on to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Every October, Carolyn joins her niece, a breast cancer survivor, for the Race for the Cure cancer walk in Omaha. It’s a very special annual event for the both of them, and one that is vitally important to one and all who don the pink and smile and walk or jog or run.

After the walk, we spent a couple of days there in Husker land before hitting the road once more for the long drive to Colorado to visit my younger sister and her husband, who moved to that part of the country a year ago and opened a business.

Getting there by car is quite long and tedious, until Denver. Then, everything changes. Before that, though, most of the time and miles are spent passing vast open spaces of the Nebraska countryside full of feedlots and corn fields and evidence of rugged plains living.

Later, after a gas-up and lunch near Ogallala, there is the long and lonely endless stretch of sparsely populated plains of eastern Colorado that seem to go on forever. After long hours of these desolate miles, Denver crops up on the horizon, the faint outline of the Rockies beyond. And the tedium begins to change to something quite different—spectacular, in fact.

Rolling along, surrounded by tall spruce and golden aspens!

The desolation has given way to the Rockies, laden with millions of tall green spruce and aspens that are now sporting their golden autumn wardrobes. Thus, the two-and-a-half hour drive from Denver to Glenwood Springs passes quickly with nothing but scenic glory and splendor unfolding with each passing mile. My only regret now is that, while driving, I have to pay attention to the steep and winding grades—up and down—instead of admiring the beauty that is set out all around us. As dull and inspiring as the early part of the journey was, this, on the other hand, is a true spectacle to behold!

Once at my sister’s in Glenwood Springs, the time flies right on by, and it seems that our visit is over and time for us to reverse course and make the drive back to home, stopping in Omaha for the night.

And as good as it all was, it’s even better to be back home, relishing the memories of those wonders of God’s creation that we had the good fortune to see up close and personal for a few days. One thing is certain: We definitely want to make a return trip out there.

8 thoughts on “Stowing the travel bags and shaving kit…

    1. Hello, Jill! As a matter of fact, Carolyn had done her driving “stint” just before I took over outside of Denver. The trip to that beautiful part of the country was a memorable adventure that we will recall often. 🙂

  1. Road trips have their ups and downs, as you expressed, Mark. I tend to be relieved when I arrive at destination and regret leaving. Especially seeing family members, time goes too fast!

    1. Robin,
      You are definitely correct about time flying by way too quickly when we’re having a great time with those we love! Seems as though it was time for the return trip before we knew it. Guess we’ll have to go back! 😊

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