Life’s Good: A place to come home to…

Regular and familiar routines are good, even though they’re good to leave behind every now and then. For example, our summers away at the cottage on the lake in Michigan allow us to get beyond the daily tasks and habits we fall into here at home during the rest of the year. Of course, during those few summer months away, we establish another set of routines, but they’re only for a short while.

Our deck...another wonderful part of home!
Our deck…another wonderful part of home!

Along about the end of August, after the last of the company has come and gone, and the sun’s shadows begin to take on different slants, and the summer heat has begun to change—ever-so-slightly—to autumn’s coolness, I begin to look forward to returning to those “home” habits once again.

By Labor Day Weekend, most of the cottage “stuff” is packed away and the boat is scheduled to be picked up by the marina folks very soon. Out will come the pier, to be stacked on the landing alongside the lake at the foot of the steps leading down from the cottage.

It is a real challenge to enjoy any kind of pleasure cruising on those final days, with the lake being thick with watercraft of all types, their drivers burning fuel before winter storage, pulling tubes full of screaming kids in the throes of last-gasps of summer fun. Wave runners and jet skis and kayaks and those stand-up paddle boarders also add to the “everyone-get-out-on-the-lake-at-the-same-time” adventure!

At this point, I’m definitely ready to bid adieu to summer’s routine and get the car loaded with anything that needs to go home (laundry!) and roll on out to the highway, back to the familiar routines that await.

Back home, the first few days are full of opening the various suitcases and duffel bags and trying to find room for the clothes therein. It’s also a time where the sound track of our lives is the washer and dryer running non-stop!

By mid-week, the bags are back in the basement, the laundry is up to date, and the various other lake “gadgets” are in their winter places. And at this point, my thoughts shift to the home routines which were so good to leave for a few months: lawn mowing, garbage/recycling, picking up the grandsons from school three days a week, and getting serious about writing regularly once more.

Now, I find it very good to be back to our little spot out here in the country, tucked in among the tall corn and thick bean fields that are nearing harvest very soon. It’s wonderful to work on this blog post from my comfortable and familiar writing desk, in my writing room, with wonderful Wi-Fi once again, and my bookcases full of “friends” all along one wall.

I even relished the day spent yesterday, of lawn mowing and weed whacking and edging. Laughing with neighbors and carrying on as neighbors do was all good as well. I have missed this!

Yep, there’s lots to be said about getting away from the everyday routines, but there’s even more, I believe, that can be said about coming home once again. It is a wonderful feeling knowing there’s a place in which to come home. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Life’s good!


7 thoughts on “Life’s Good: A place to come home to…

  1. Your post, Mark, made me reflect on how the changing of the seasons (where it actually happens) should mean a shift in our perspective, activities, lifestyle etc. You are fortunate to make an actual physical move that emphasizes this truth. At our cabin, we must make a major shift at this time of year as well but it doesn’t involve going anywhere. We change from the power conservation that goes with solar energy (not all summer days are bright and shiny!) to the power glut days of rain and micro-hydro. It’s good to have a reminder that we must live in tune with the seasons. Great post. Glad your home and writing in your comfortable spot again.

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