A mild mid-January & glorious sunrises…

Sunrise over Maple Park
Sunrise from our back deck…out across the cold fields.

Without much fanfare, mid-January has crept into the picture. And here in northern Illinois, one might get the impression that it’s late February or early March with this weekend’s milder temperatures ranging into the low 40s. A good deal of our snow from a week ago has dwindled, and ever-widening patches of grass out back are appearing by the hour!

And although this is nothing to get too wound up about, we all seem to be comparing and contrasting this year’s winter with that of last year’s polar vortex experience and agree that it’s a much more agreeable sort of winter! Having dry and bare pavement and sidewalks makes things much easier to navigate. In short, we’ll enjoy it for as long as we can.

The last several days have begun with beautiful sunrises, and they are fun to watch as they fully climb up above the horizon way out to the east from where I write. And though I prefer those dreary rainy days to really motivate me and get me into the proper writing frame of mind, it’s hard to beat one of these glorious sunrises.

Here’s to a good week ahead as we move into the next part of winter…


9 thoughts on “A mild mid-January & glorious sunrises…

  1. I got to experience the joy of a New England ice storm as I drove to New Hampshire yesterday. Kind of white-knuckled the last four hours last night. I think my hair is now white. But as you point out, at least it’s not crazy cold!

    1. Carrie: Ah, love those “white-knuckle” moments! Glad you made it to lovely New England, white hair notwithstanding. The break in the winter weather is certainly nice, and I hope your travels go well and safely. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Luanne. The sunrise is beautiful in the top photo, but I’d much prefer a gray and dismal day on my writing days. But, we can only take what is given. By the way, I hope your new book is doing well! 🙂

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