Thanksgiving Leftovers…

file5241262572135Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, a time to take a step back from all of the busy minutes in my life and to give thanks for all that I have. I have usually been surrounded by family, who have travelled some distance to share in our once-a-year gathering. Laughter and smiles have been as plentiful as the food and other goodies that tempt beyond imagination!

Our hosting the Thanksgiving festivities began many, many years ago when all of our kids were young and before they were grown with kids of their own! The fun always began on Wednesday—Thanksgiving Eve—when my tradition of cooking one turkey on the Weber charcoal kettle began. It would be blasphemous for me to even think about using the oven to cook them! I come up short in many departments, but I must pat myself on the back that my holiday turkeys always are delicious and perfectly done “to a turn” (a kind relative’s words once).

IMG_2774Of course, I can’t let it go with just one turkey. I arise early on Thanksgiving morning and do the same thing all over again. Thus, two turkeys for our menu, allowing for plenty of delicious meat for the dinner and those crucial sandwiches later on for the next couple of days. Now that’s the beauty of the Thanksgiving feast, I think.

This Thanksgiving gathering is also the time when our garage becomes “Thanksgiving Central.” You know, the place where we can be found with the football and hockey on the TV up in the corner and the keg of beer chilling away down below, next to the the table laden with snacks and leftovers—not to mention pies and other tempting delicious desserts.

If the weather is cold (it usually is), our son has his propane heater that quickly heats things up and we don’t even need coats or jackets. On those few occasions when the weather has been unseasonably warm and pleasant, that’s an added bonus to add to our list of things for which we are thankful.

I can’t really remember exactly when this whole family ritual began, or why it seemed to catch on year after year. Like all traditions, it began once and we did it again the next year, and the next, and right on to the next, family and friends showing up and making it a very good time.

This year’s gathering was much smaller, many of the nephews not being able to make it because of their own “grown up” family traditions and responsibilities. And some day, we will no longer host the event, but with so many memories, we will always have much for which we are thankful!

Was your Thanksgiving a good one? What Thanksgiving traditions do you have?

8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Leftovers…

  1. Sounds like a wonderful tradition. I’d love a bite of that turkey!

    We don’t really have a tradition for the holiday. I have family from coast to coast, so some years we stay home, others we travel, and sometimes people come to us. A little variety in our Thanksgiving festivities. 🙂

  2. What a great tradition, Mark. That turkey looks delicious! I’d love to try a turkey cooked on a grill…yum!
    Unfortunately our traditions have changed at bit since my mom isn’t able to cook like she used to, but it’s still a wonderful time.

    1. Thanks, Jill. The turkeys were excellent once again, and my string of grilling luck continues! I know what you mean about changing traditions–especially when those who started it all aren’t able to carry on as they would like. I hope your day was wonderful. 🙂

  3. A heart-warming read, Mark. Love the idea of grill-cooked turkey! Bravo to you for your skills in this area. Certainly looks delicious. Good to read about families that enjoy getting together, year after year, without ragged threads invading the mood of the day!

  4. Hi, Judy! Thank you for the kind words. Yeah, we’ve been pretty lucky all through the years without having too many frayed discussions or incidents that lead to bad feelings. Our family is pretty special, I think. 🙂

  5. Thanks, Elizabeth! The turkey turned out well, and I’ve about had my fill of the leftovers at this point. I used up a lot of it yesterday in a batch of chili I whipped up. Not bad, either. Always nice to hear from you. 🙂

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