Fall online Scrivener courses now open for registration

For anyone who wants to learn how to use Scrivener, consider one of Gwen Hernandez’s courses this fall. She knows her stuff and is a superb teacher!

Gwen Hernandez

Image of Scrivener mug and course announcementFall is coming soon, which means it’s time for another Scrivener course (or two). Based on student feedback, I’ve decided to make some changes.

1. I am splitting my original four-week, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink course into two different classes. That means less time commitment per course, and less money to spend if you’re not ready to move into–or only need–intermediate and advanced concepts.

(If you’re waiting for a Compile class, don’t worry. The next one starts December 8th.)

2. We’re getting a new classroom environment, one that I hope will provide some of the benefits of the previous platform, but without the technical problems.

The new classroom is set up like a web forum. Not as pretty, but it allows for organizing Q&A by topic, and makes the content searchable. A big plus for those who can’t remember where they saw a post.

To learn more–and/or to register–keep reading! Or, for more detailed information on…

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6 thoughts on “Fall online Scrivener courses now open for registration

  1. I thought about taking one, but I can’t do it in September. I have Scrivener, but it turned out to be a big time suck for me. Do you really think it’s worth it?

  2. Gwen Stephens

    I’m signed up for this course in early September. I’ve been a Scrivener fan for a couple years now, but I have a feeling I’m not using the software to its full potential. Looking forward to learning more.

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