Update from the hinterlands…

jollyYetHello, friends and fellow writers! Just a quick post this morning from my self-imposed exile here in the southwest Michigan hinterlands. It’s a very unique morning, in that the sun is shining, the lake down below is calm and inviting, and the overhead skies are not one massive gray ceiling, promising rain.

Most days and nights during this past week (since my last post) have been chock full of rain, punctuated with thunder and lightning. Thankfully, there has been little wind to contend with.storm However, yesterday’s early morning “monsoon” not only created little ponds and lakes out on the back lane behind the cottages, it also caused some damage to one of our neighboring cottages just down the way a bit.

Situated under these old and tired oaks and maples and ashes, the cottages–and everything else–is in constant peril when storms decide to do their thing. And it’s those  stately ancient trees that get the brunt of the storm’s fury. It’s truly amazing how fortunate these 101-year-old cottages are to have withstood the ravages of nature.

I have been busily at work on my next book–Sandbar’s Secret–and I have taken advantage of the stormy weather to make wonderful progress, particularly since it’s the perfect kind of “indoor” weather for doing so.

I hope that your week is moving along well and there are no storms with which to contend….CortlandWriter

6 thoughts on “Update from the hinterlands…

    1. Thanks, Carrie. In the summer of 2009, about this same time, our old pontoon boat and most of the pier was the victim of a giant tree on shore that was twisted by the wind and lightning. Since then, I’m ever vigilant–and wary–whenever the storms get serious around here! In the meantime, I’ll write on…:-)

    1. Yep. We’ve managed to dodge the disasters thus far. I don’t know how these ancient structures have withstood all the storms down through the years! And South Haven is one of my favorite places to visit at least once a summer–about forty-five minutes from here. There used to be a wonderful used book store right on the main street, but it’s gone now.

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