That sneaky old April!

I can honestly say that today feels as though some good spring weather is just waiting to thrust

Springbrook Prairie Naperville 001
Springbrook Prairie Naperville 001 (Photo credit: Michael Kappel)

itself into the big picture—and none too soon, either! The sun is brilliant on this April Saturday morning; the sky is as blue and clear as one can imagine. And the temperatures are a very pleasant 50° at the moment here in northern Illinois. It’s the kind of morning that I really feel guilty sitting here at my MacBook to create this post because I know I should be out doing something—even if it’s just picking up debris and litter, leftovers from the winter blasts.

Chicken Wire Role
Chicken Wire Role (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Also, there are the numerous chicken-wire protective “cages” we put around most of our young bushes and trees to thwart the ravenous attacks of the rabbits these past frozen months. Last year, we failed to protect the plantings, and the rabbits chowed down heavily, taking everything right down to the ground. Fortunately, most bushes survived last year’s onslaught, and this winter’s precautions have seemed to work all the better. Now, it’s a matter of taking down the wire and stakes and storing them away until late next fall. Within the next few days, I’ll be making a trip to buy the first application of crab grass preventer/weed-n-feed.

I’ll also be attempting to fix our 20-foot telescoping flagpole. One would think that a simple little release button that doesn’t pop out would be an easy fix, but I’ve had a devil of a time trying to get it to work. I’m sure the problem is all a result of the terrible weather these past months, and I’m counting on the manufacturer to ease my pain and help me get the thing back in normal operation!

Sitting here and typing these words, I realize that April has really sneaked up on me this year. Could it be that we’ve been so beaten down by the winter that just was, that we have forgotten about the ceaseless march of time? And though it’s still been cold, damp, and bitter most of these early days of the month, there have been glimpses of what is surely to come.

And this year, I’m certainly ready to get out and tackle these spring chores that need doing—without any hesitation or hemming or hawing, either! Each day, I am thankful that I completed The Good Luck Highway when I did and am free now to spend the time necessary outside, away from my writing desk—especially on a day such as this one.

I’ve had some wonderful feedback and positive comments regarding my second novel. It’s amazing just how much a writer can learn about his own work through the comments and feedback from readers. My story, a very fun one to write, touches on friendship, love, disappointment, trust, and growing up. I hope anyone reading it will see these elements clearly—while having a fun time along with Mac and Led on their “adventure.”

Thanks to one and all who have bought the Kindle Edition, Nook Book, or the paperback. Very soon, I’ll get back to tackling my next projects: A series of short stories and the next novel. It will bring back Rick and Karen Brenson, main characters from Black Wolf Lodge. It has been a fun story to start writing, and I’m growing very eager to dive right back into it after being away since November.

Long farm lane that dead ends at a chicken house..
Long farm lane that dead ends at a chicken house.. (Photo credit: D.Clow – Maryland)

In the meantime, outdoor beckons…and I must heed its call!…CortlandWriter

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8 thoughts on “That sneaky old April!

    1. Hi, Carrie: I’m in agreement about the rain in the spring. Like they say: One doesn’t shovel rain! In fact, we could use a nice overnight rain soon to clean things and to give the lawn and bushes a nice drink. Now, time to go back outside to the deck and do some late-morning “basking!” 🙂

  1. I’m happy to have the changeable month of March behind us. April arrived with temperatures in the mid 70’s, but next week, rain and 60’s…I’ll wait patiently until May.
    Oh, I love the photo of the long farm lane!

    1. Hello, Jill: You’re right about needing to wait patiently. Of course, in your part of the world, your spring and summer get rolling much more quickly than we Midwesterners. We really don’t have a “true” spring–maybe a month of pleasant conditions–but, instead, we jump right to summer. This year, however, I’ll gladly accept whatever comes along in the form of pleasant temperatures and sunshine! 🙂

  2. Well…..I’d love to say that April’s brought with it Spring & much sun, but here in the Smoky’s, the weather is as unpredictable as a woman’s mind! Our first few days we had nights in the teens & day’s with a high of 47. Next day, we had 89 degree weather & we’re like. “Okay, is Mother Nature having a nervous breakdown?” As it stands now, my peach tree will loose it’s buds & probably destroy my chances at delicious peaches which I put up every year. As for you my friend, I have one word as a solution to your pesky problem…….HASENPFEFFER!!!

    If your not sure what it is, I recommend googling it & you’ll see what we mean. From what I can remember, it’s quite tasty & most helpful in disposing of your little problem!!! Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Well…..actually two rabbits with one Butcher knife!! lol Good luck with the Wabbit!!! 😉 lmao~

    1. Hello there. Yes, I am aware of that “exotic” dish known as hasenpfeffer, although my friend and I used to just hunt ’em, clean ’em, slow cook ’em, and eat ’em. Haven’t done that in many years, but the rascally things might tempt me to try it again if they don’t cease and desist! Thanks for checking in from the beautiful Smokys. We were in Waynesville and Chrokee in February for our annual visit. 🙂

  3. I had to laugh when reading your post, Mark. I had said something similar the other day to a friend. I look out at my cheerful, yellow daffodils and purple hyacinths. I see my tulips budding and know I should be out cleaning my flower beds, getting them reading for planting. But it’s like I’m frozen into that long winter and can’t get moving. Maybe deep down I can’t truly believe spring is here. 🙂

    1. Yep. Since posting last weekend, things have gotten progressively better around here. I’m actually in shorts and T-shirt and enjoying morning coffee the last two days out in the sunshine on our deck. I even have plans to get to water sealing one of these days–as long as it stays warm and dry! Enjoy those beautiful daffodils and hyacinths you describe. :–)

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