Home again, and the beat goes on….

(Writing from beautiful northern Illinois)

Map of Illinois highlighting DeKalb County
Map of Illinois highlighting DeKalb County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s great to get away, but it’s also wonderful to return home! And that’s exactly what we’ve done, following a two-week vacation to places we’d never visited before: Stone Mountain, Atlanta, A.H. Stephens Historic State Park, Savannah, and Charleston.

It was fun sharing pieces of our trip, and I received some very nice responses from readers who found our little adventure interesting. Even with some weather issues in the Charleston area, we still managed to get done what we wanted to get done.

A nice drive up I-26 to Asheville, North Carolina, and then on to Waynesville for the weekend was a good way to wrap up that part of the trip before we set off on the final leg toward home, via Fairborn, Ohio, to pay a visit to Carolyn’s aunt and uncle.

So, after all of the miles had clicked off, we were safely home Tuesday afternoon, tired and eager to get the car unloaded, the suitcases emptied, and the washer started! And it’s always good to find everything in the house exactly in the same condition it was in when we pulled out two weeks prior. No flooded basement. No broken furnace. No broken water pipes. No infestation of giant fruit bats!

The only issue we did have almost immediately, was our fifteen-year-old snow thrower giving up the ghost–finally–after threatening to do so several times this winter. Not worth fixing, it has given way to a brand new one, straight from the dealer’s showroom! I haven’t had to put it to work just yet, but she’s all gassed and ready for that next storm that’s sure to hit us very soon, without question!

Looking out to the fields to the east from our back deck

And so the rest of the week rolled on, back to normalcy and routines and house chores that need doing. And, of course, I’ve spent the past two days and evenings diligently working through the last edits and revisions of my forthcoming second novel, The Good Luck Highway. Things are coming along well, and I’ll be happy to wrap it all up and have the book available very soon. Stay tuned….CortlandWriter

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8 thoughts on “Home again, and the beat goes on….

  1. I know the feeling of enjoying time away and then being glad to get home again. Except, my trips go in the opposite direction. I go from living in the south (Florida) to visiting family back home (family) in the Chicago burbs. We spend time in the Smokeys or Blue Ridge Mts sometimes too. Love it there. Stay warm and good luck with the novel.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your nice comments, Lori. We are already planning next winter’s trip–to Florida! Key West for the first part and old haunts the second part. I want to live in shorts and t-shirts the whole time! 🙂

  2. Noted in Nashville

    Ah, the laundry that needs doing after a trip. I just experienced that myself – and I was only gone for two days! I usually need a few naps to recover from my vacation too. 🙂

    1. Naps are good, and I manage one every now and then. Have been busy now, though, trying to finish the polishing and final edits for my new book–THE GOOD LUCK HIGHWAY–and I’m beginning to think that napping would be more exciting! Thanks for checking in! 🙂

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