A Michigan Summer “Masterpiece”

While out and about in the local countryside here in southwest Michigan last week, on one of those splendidly brilliant, sunshine-filled days, I had to stop the Ford Ranger in the middle of the narrow country road I travelled, and get out and take a picture of what appeared to be a magnificent painting by one of the Masters.

Of course, it wasn’t a painting; rather, it was the most beautiful combination of blue skies and lacy clouds set as a background to the deep green color of the cornfield fronting it. Seeing this, I realized that it had, indeed, been created by one of the Masters—The Master.

Without getting too deep into the theology here, just let it be known that something told me that this was a picture worth taking. Thus, I hoped that my iPhone was up for the challenge and would be able to capture the overall scene as closely as I was witnessing it with the naked eye.

When I returned to the cottage later that day, I checked out the two shots I’d taken of the Michigan sky hanging out there over Michigan cornfields and lakes, and I was pleased with how well they both turned out. I couldn’t help but think that one or the other could possibly be some kind of cover art or inspiration for a setting  for a book or short story. After all, for the past few days, I had been looking for ideas to spur my writing and work on my novel–The Bet. And literally out of a clear, blue sky, I seem to have been rejuvenated and eager to get back at it. Funny what something such as this can do!

All too often, I see something that would be a good idea for a story and fail to write it down, or pass up the opportunity to snap a photo. Not this time, however. Had I been in a congested area with heavy traffic, I might not have been so successful. But out on some narrow, dirt road between the corn and various orchards, all I had to do was stop, grab the iPhone, get out of the truck, aim at the clouds and azure blue sky, and take the picture.

There was something special about the scene as soon as I saw it, and I feel the same when I look at either one of the photos now. I think that experience might be one of those unplanned things that just happened—being in the right place at the right time! I can’t really remember the last time something as spontaneous as this occurred, but it’s a very good feeling all the same. It’s like finding the right words and actions to get my novel moving along once more, to bring it to some kind of acceptable conclusion, and to know that it’s something folks might enjoy reading.

Whatever, that photo will have a prominent spot in my collection and serve as a wonderful reminder that ideas and inspiration are out there if we take the time to see them. I happily share that photo for all to enjoy and, perhaps, be inspired….CortlandWriter

michigan sky
A Michigan Summer Masterpiece

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