An interesting take on the age-old dilemma of how we can best plan and schedule our writing time to fit in with the rest of life!

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Approximately two weeks ago on a Sunday night I sat at my computer and hammered out what I thought was a very reasonable writing schedule. If I stuck to the schedule I would write 1000 words a day five days a week. With nothing scheduled on the weekends I would have two extra days to catch up if I happen to fall behind or maybe jump ahead if I found some extra writing time during those two days. Writing on this schedule I would knock out 5000 words a week, 20,000 words a month, and 260,000 words in a year’s time. That would easily be a book a year figuring in rewrite time. I thought this would be a snap because I have no trouble writing 1000 words a day when I sit down to write. Since creating the writing schedule that would put me on track to write-up…

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