The Precious Ones…

On my desk, in an 8 x 10 photo, my three beautiful grandsons smile out at me as I attempt to come up with some words to

English: Chicago-style hot dog at Portillo's
English: Chicago-style hot dog at Portillo’s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

create this long-overdue blog post. The youngest is just over two, the next youngest will turn five next month, and the oldest is seven, close to the same ages as those innocent little ones who had their lives so violently taken this past Friday. What catches my eye each time I study the photo is the happiness that shines out from their smiles and their clear wonderful eyes!

And we had the opportunity to spend last night with the older two–a fun dinner out at Portillo’s for hot dogs, fries, and shakes, followed by a car “tour” to look at a multitude of Christmas lights. The rain had finally stopped by early evening, so there were no issues viewing the season’s wonderful displays.

The plan, originally, was to do all of the above and then take them home to their own beds. But as often happens, the two pulled the “power play” on Grandma and me, and they ended up sleeping here. It was fun and good and memorable. The younger one gave out and slept on the ride back home, while the seven-year-old sang Christmas songs with Grandma and me! Through it all, I couldn’t help but simply want to hug them whenever the opportunity presented itself.

And on this dark, chilly Sunday evening in December, I can’t help but focus on the photo that sits nearby and silently pray that the three beautiful children who smile out at me will never have to face the horror and terror that those innocent and precious children did last Friday. I pray that God will always help my grandsons keep those smiles firmly affixed and that their lives will be all that they deserve….CortlandWriter

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