Hotter than the 4th of July!…Actually, the 3rd

Summer has come to us here at Magician Lake, but we’ve been given a nice gift of a good breeze today, making things OK and really not too bad. After time spent at home last week, and getting used to, and spoiled by, air conditioning, it’s time to adjust to the weather conditions all over again. Our cottage’s air conditioning system consists of open windows, some window fans, and a ceiling fan on the front screened-in porch. As I said, when there is a breeze that comes off the lake, things are pretty much tolerable.

And so this first landmark of summer is upon us and I spend the time now reading, walking and “basking” in the lake, and trying to get myself back into a regular writing routine. I must confess that I have been rather lax in that department, opting, instead, to read the wonderful books I brought along for the summer.

Speaking of which, I am in the third book of the terrific Civil War trilogy by Michael and Jeffery Shaara, titled Gods and Generals. Historical fiction, yes, but they have painted a wonderfully clear picture of how it was before and after Gettysburg. The reader certainly gets to know so much more about Generals Lee, Grant, Longstreet, and others through it all.

And, of course, we’ve had some occasions to enjoy our two grandsons, who, in turn, have taken quickly to the new two-seater tube we purchased. Pulling them around the lake yesterday, capped off by jumping from the front of the pontoon into the cool waters of the deepest part of the lake was a highlight! Even Grandma and I enjoyed taking the plunge and letting the cool waters refresh us.

So at this writing, with the afternoon sun beginning to work its way around to the front of the cottage, making it a bit warmer, Carolyn snores gently on the futon, and I type away here on a wonderful summer’s day. Tomorrow we’ll make a trip over to see my mom and sister in Ohio, and I’ll enjoy a few cold ones and some 4th of July picnic food and be thankful for all the good things about summer.


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