Lake routines: Not for the faint of heart…

Getting away from the normal routines is part of what summer vacation is all about. In my case, each year I leave the world of northern Illinois behind at the end of May and make my way into self-imposed exile in southwest Michigan, surrounded by nature at its best, a beautiful lake, and rustic cottages. But it isn’t all milk and honey, wine and roses, nor the life of Riley, as so many folks who know me think it is.

For instance, there is morning coffee that has to be made before the day can officially begin. Plus, there are windows and curtains that must be opened to let in the good morning air and  hummingbird feeders to be filled at least once a week. Finally, there is a certain amount of reading and writing that must be accomplished before the morning gets too close to noon. It’s rather clear, life at the lake is not without its pressing duties! Somehow, though, I have managed to persevere and make it through the days and weeks “up there” in our cottage by the lake without so much as a whimper.

Another regular part of my summer routine during week days, when I’m all alone, involves the running and piloting of our twenty-two foot pontoon boat every couple of days (sometimes daily if the weather is cooperative!) and to cover it and uncover it in the morning and at night. And let’s not forget, there’s that dreadful task of loading up a small cooler with a few favorite beverages, some tasty snacks of crackers and cheese, and then setting forth in the sturdy craft and plying the wonderful water of our lake. As they say: It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. And I guess it comes down to me being the one “stuck” in having to run the boat out and about for a few hours on those lovely sun-splashed days “up there” in Michigan.

Of course, when the weekend arrives, and company is scheduled to show up, my duties increase exponentially. A quick run of the vacuum cleaner around the place does wonders. And I’ve learned that mopping the bathroom floor, giving the toilet a once-over, and reloading the toilet paper “tube” are essentials that cannot be skipped. I attack these tasks with the same vigor as Grant did Vicksburg!

I could go on, but I think the picture is rather clear just how much work goes into my summer at the lake. I guess I’m just one of the lucky ones who enjoys tackling all of the necessary duties and jobs of keeping a summer cottage running in tip-top fashion. It’s not for the faint of heart…CortlandWriter

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