Putting in the pier and family fun

It’s in! The venerable wooden pier has assumed its rightful place in the shallow waters down below our cottage. And what a lovely sight it is once more! Thanks to the diligence of a fun and loving “crew,” on a splendidly picture-perfect day for doing such things, the putting-in was relatively quick and efficient.

Our intrepid group included our son and two grandsons, our daughter and son-in-law, a friend and his young daughter, and the good wife (her first venture into this annual tradition). Having done this for so many late-May weekends through the years, we all knew what needed to be done. And since the interlocking sections of the pier rest on saw horses and a few other types of supports, the process is quite easy. The hardest part, always, is trying to get the correct section in the proper sequence. I have numbered them several times but never quite good enough to withstand the weathering that occurs over the winter. But somehow it always manages to come together correctly.

Not only is it a necessary “chore” to accomplish the weekend prior to the start of summer lake season and the extrication of our pontoon from its winter hiatus, but it is also a fun few hours spent with those we care so very much about. We always “pay” the crew afterwards with a nice lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in the area. It’s definitely our treat, and a grateful one at that. Let the summer at our favorite little spot in Michigan begin!


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