This and That…

We’ve begun the annual process of rounding up and packing stuff for another summer season at the cottage in Michigan. Each year we swear that we’ll have things ready ahead of time–avoiding the “last-minute” chaos that always seems to join the party! And I must say, we seem to have a pretty good handle on things at this moment, just ten days away from Opening Day “up there” in Michigan. Why, just yesterday, we boxed up all of the bathroom necessities and gained a pretty good start on pantry items for the kitchen (ketchup, paper towels, etc.)

And with the good wife off to work today, I’ll continue the mission here and bring up the toolbox and drill from the lower reaches of the house so they’re ready to be taken up this weekend for “Pier Putting-in Day.” And of course there are the normal “duties” around here that need attending to: 1.) Trip to the nearby Waste Management to drop off our recycling for the past week; 2.) Fill the gas can for the mower so I can use it later this week; 3.) Write some letters. (I actually prefer this one over any of the other choices!)

It’s another one of those picture perfect mornings: lots of sun, clear blue skies, and very pleasant temperatures in the 70s already. Realizing this, I close this out now. Next post will be about our recent “field trip” to Indiana and a visit to the Hoosier Gym, where the movie Hoosiers was filmed, in Knightstown, followed by a genealogy endeavor in nearby New Castle. For now, though, it’s time to get outside and into the perfect day….CortlandWriter

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