Oh, the things that annoy!

Okay, it’s been awhile since I last wrote about things that annoy me—at my age more things are annoying than not, it seems—so I will spend a few writing moments today and mention some more “random” items that have worked their magic annoyance on me!

First, I’m yet to understand the preponderance of “LOL” in blog posts, e-mails, or other forms of written communication. Is it really necessary for the writer to include these cutesy-pie examples of Internet Speak? A smiley face emoticon when appropriate, I can understand (don’t really know why), but I detest the LOL or its cousin, ROTFL. It’s as though the writer isn’t confident enough that his/her words will carry the intended meaning. Call me an old, out-of-touch fuddy-duddy, but so it goes…

Next, TV commercials that make little or no sense to me are annoying beyond belief. The ad that comes to mind right away is the one which ran for quite some time promoting some 4G network (whatever that means), and some guy, in a large, public area—a train station, perhaps—begins dancing and gesticulating as the passersby look on in wonderment. Soon, a message appears on his phone that the flash mob event had been scheduled for a later time. The fact that I had no idea what a flash mob was, I didn’t quite grasp the overall concept of the commercial. I kind of understand it now, but for the majority of the time the ad ran, I had no idea why this guy was acting like a complete, unfettered goof and what it was they were trying to convey. Guess I missed the cut on that part of the current youth culture!

Twitter. Every time I think I can handle it—at least understand how it works—something else comes along to frustrate—and annoy—me all the more! I have yet to find an easy-to-understand tutorial (video or PDF), and those that I have run across are either for earlier versions of Twitter or they fail to explain the basic terminology and what we need to do to get started and up and running. I fear that the folks who produce these tutorials assume way too much that we (the users) are far more advanced in our understanding of the lingo involved than what we really are. I’m still trying to comprehend what a hash tag and ReTweet are! I have not grasped the concept, I suppose, so I’m very tempted to go back in and delete my account and be done with it altogether. But I’m inclined to give it another chance…for now, anyway. Stay tuned.

There’s more, of course, but I realize I’ve used up my self-imposed word limit for this post. In the very near future, I will write about those things. Now, though, I must get the travel bag out of dry dock and get some clothes packed for my journey to Kent State for a weekend of May 4 memories and fraternity reunion activities. Should be good to get back with some other fuddy-duddies and try to figure out hash tags and ReTweets over cold beers in old haunts. Now that makes me smile…LOL!

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