Summer morning coffee–special!

Grabbing a cup of coffee–first thing in the morning–is always a special, and necessary, time of the day for me. Regardless of the season, that first piping hot cup of coffee, with a splash of half-and-half, is crucial to the course of my morning–and the rest of the day. But it is summer mornings where there is something very special enjoying that first cup of java “up there” at the resort where our summers are spent.

Summer mornings at our cottage in Michigan begin with my routine of rising early (usually!) and making the “rounds” to open the place up and get that trusty Mr. Coffee filled with water and the correct number of scoops of Folger’s. Once the process begins, I make ready to enjoy the final product out on the screened-in front porch, overlooking the shimmering and clear waters of the lake below.

The steaming mug of the good brew goes so well as I settle into my chair. Most times, the whole area is still quiet–the lake not yet alive with the droning of wave runners or ski boats. The birds feeding at neighbor John’s well-stocked feeder are content, even though a blue jay and woodpecker often joust for “rights” to the feeder.

I find most mornings to be full of wonder from my spot on the porch. And when it’s only me, as it usually is, it’s all the better. This is my favorite time of the day–time to think, reflect, and plan for what I hope to accomplish in the hours ahead. My coffee is my companion in this endeavor, and I find myself summoning up just enough gumption to get up and go refill my mug for the morning’s second act!

The summer morning coffee on the porch is, indeed, a wonderful part of my life…CortlandWriter


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