On the Road Again…

It’s only Thursday, but it seems as though this week has been chock full of things almost daily. First of all, my appointment for my post-op check-up was postponed from Monday to Wednesday, which wasn’t really that much of an inconvenience, even though the “original” appointment had been re-scheduled from several days previous. Since I have had no issues or complications following my Friday the 13th surgery, it wasn’t urgent at all that I get into see the surgeon. The only thing that was a bit of an annoyance was not having the “green light” to resume driving and other normal activities. I had been instructed, explicitly, to avoid strenuous activity, lifting of heavy or semi-heavy things, and driving.

So yesterday we were only a couple of miles from the medical building when my cell phone rang. The receptionist in the surgeon’s office was calling to let me know that my appointment would be delayed due to the surgeon not finished with the surgery he was currently involved with. I could come in and wait until he got there, or I could re-schedule for next Monday. Being as close as I was, I said I’d just come on up and we’d figure something out–in person. Shortly, after I arrived at the office, someone suggested that perhaps one of the other doctors there could take a look at my healing incision and check out whatever else needed to be checked out. At any rate, that idea seemed to be a good one, and I was led back to one of the examine rooms, another doctor came in and did a quick check and asked me a few questions, and all was good. I was given that “green light” to get back to living a normal routine–with the restriction of taking it easy in the lifting department, of course!

OK, I was a good patient and haven’t been behind the wheel of my Ford Ranger yet, but later today that all ends! After all, there are my regular duties to carry out that I have not been able to do since this whole thing started: taking the recycling to the drop off place; going to the grocery store as needed; popping down to see my grandsons later in the afternoon as I choose.

And now that the groundhog has officially told us that we can expect six more weeks of winter, I guess it’s not too bad of a thing, especially if the groundhog means more of the kind of winter we’ve had thus far. Regardless, this former “patient” is about to get on the road again. Can’t wait…


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