Words and Expressions That Need to Go!

Recently, I’ve been thinking about things that have become truly annoying, particularly words, phrases, or expressions that swirl all about us incessantly–ad nauseam! If these words, phrases, or expressions aren’t coming from all forms of media, they’re coming from the general population, which always seems more than eager to glom on to the latest “hot” fad, trend, or bit of lingo. That’s pop culture at its best, I guess. I love variety in language as much as the next guy, but as I grow older gracefully, my tolerance level for the abuse of words and language has diminished plenty.

And as I was pondering this earlier today, interestingly enough I happened to find the Banished Words List of 2012 from Lake Superior State University. I share that list here, and I would recommend going to their Web page for further discussion and comments about each word on the list. (http://www.lssu.edu/banished/current.php)


1.) Amazing; 2.) Baby Bump; 3.) Shared Sacrifice; 4.) Occupy; 5.) Blowback; 6.) Man Cave; 7.) The New Normal; 8.) Pet Parent; 9.) Win the Future; 10.) Trickeration; 11.) Ginormous; 12.) Thank You in Advance

I particularly cannot tolerate “Baby Bump,” “Man Cave,” or “Ginormous.” “Occupy” is bothersome as well, in light of its overuse  and what it has come to represent in recent months. “Baby Bump” conjures up magazine covers of some Hollywood floozie or another who has, for whatever reason, become with child. “Man Cave” elicits images of sweaty, hairy men holed-up in some dim cellar, glued to television sporting events. “Ginormous” always reminds me of the “cutesie-pie” things uttered by people who truly believe they are, in fact, “cutesie-pie.” Why can’t they simply say “enormous” or “gigantic”?

I would also add “To Die For” to the list of words and/or phrases that need to go. When someone describes some kind of food as “to die for,” it always seems to leave me just a bit leery of the food itself. After all, if you eat something that is “to die for,” why would you want to eat it in the first place? I know, I know…the intent of the expression is obvious, but I hate it all the same. I won’t use it…ever!


2 thoughts on “Words and Expressions That Need to Go!

  1. I hate “iconic” — everything and everyone who has ever appeared in a magazine is now an icon. And I remember when the word “awesome” was reserved for the Grand Canyon. Now everything that is not awful is awesome. Oh, and one more: famously. A truly useless word that appears daily in pop-culture news outlets. Hate it.

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