Christmas Weekend–2011

(11:00 a.m CST)
All of the gifts have been unwrapped, the kids and grandkids have fled to other gatherings and celebrations, and the realization that the rush and anticipation is finished for another year has begun to settle in. And we’re totally OK with that! It’s just Carolyn and me here now, enjoying the calm and peacefulness, with Christmas tunes providing a background soundtrack for this day. 

Our daughter and her husband arrived from Michigan on Thursday evening, so we had “Christmas” with them and our son’s family on Friday. Before they had to depart for his folks’ place in Park Ridge, Illinois, It was a wonderful morning and afternoon. Soon, the usual gathering up of “stuff” and loading the car began, signaling the end of another all-too-brief visit. But I’ve learned over time that it’s best not to worry about things over which we simply have little or no control. Once we fully realize that it’s best to cherish the time we do have to be together, the more special these events become. Growing older certainly has a way of pointing this out to us, I’ve discovered. The laughter and good times will show themselves in future gatherings, it is our hope, and the quiet moments on Christmas Day, now, will give us a chance to think and appreciate once more the terrific family we have.

And so it is, as I type these words on my trusty MacBook, looking out upon another crystal clear, brilliant, sunshine-filled day–Christmas Day, 2011–I feel good and proud of my son and daughter and their spouses (spice?) And, of course, my two grandsons are a real centerpiece of the goodness and love shared during our few days of Christmas celebrating. Oh, to hold these moments and memories for a long time! If the good Lord’s willing, we’ll be back for another Christmas together next year. God bless us, everyone!…MLA

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