Time to Write!

Back to the Story…


December has rolled in, yet we’re still blessed by relatively pleasant weather. There have been no blasts of snow yet, nor have the temperatures done their predictable nose dives into the lowest reaches of the Fahrenheit department, something quite unusual for northern Illinois. The Christmas tree stands in its assigned spot, adorned with all of the ornaments collected over the years and lit with those little, charming white lights that come already installed. We completed the outdoor lighting a short time ago and have the orange extension cords all in place. (Would look better if we had some snow to help hide them!) All is calm. All is bright. 

Now it’s time to make up some ground lost to my recent laziness in working on my second book. From my little corner of the world, surrounded by shelves of wonderful books, I look out upon the still-green grass and the plowed field beyond and somehow know that it’s time to get back to the business of writing. I have even told myself that this is my dedicated post for the next several days, weeks, or months–at least until I have a better hold of this book I started but hurriedly put aside way back in the summer months, when the sun was hot and the hours were spent enjoying life at our cottage. And now December is scurrying right along, so here’s the plan: 1.) Take care of my daily morning “duties” and go for my short, brisk walk early each day while the coffee is brewing; 2.) Shower and get dressed for the day; 3.) Write until 11:00 and read what I wrote. Fix anything that needs immediate fixing and then shut it down for the day; 4.) Take care of any errands, etc., and think about ideas for tomorrow’s “stint” at the MacBook.

When I put together my first book, Black Wolf Lodge, I really didn’t have the ongoing discipline, so I’m making a concerted effort starting right now on my current project. On my desk there is a folder full of drafts, ideas, and sketches from the past several years. Some are good and have some potential; others are pure fluff and piffle, but they might come in handy somewhere along the way. In the interest of this dedicated discipline I’m establishing, nothing will be ignored or slovenly sloughed over. I’m thinking this is a Christmas gift to myself. For whatever reason(s), I’ve found it very difficult to focus and get going on the writing project. Presenting myself with a simple plan to get this “focus” back could be one of the best gifts I  receive this year.

Time will tell, and I’m anxiously awaiting some good, inspirational December gloom and chill, the kind that simply makes one glad to be inside, warm and writing! For whatever reasons, I accomplish much more when there’s a touch of the Dickens weather. Even some Jack London or Alistair MacLean weather would do. Time to post and get on with some duties here at home….MLA 


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