No Sun Up in the Sky…

The Morning Gray

A Crystal clear October day "up there" in Michigan

For some reason, I was up way too early this morning–before 6:00–and saw that it had been raining through the night and into the “wee” hours. And as I got the coffee going, I had a feeling of relief, as strange as it may seem, that we weren’t going to be faced with another one of those sunshine-filled mornings where it’s almost too bright to open up the blinds on our sliding doors facing east! I know, I’ve been expounding upon the string of glorious October days we’ve been blessed with, but there comes a time, I think, when a nice gray, rainy day is called for. Consider me a weird one for thinking this, but I do love a rainy day every now and then. 

An Inside Job

And as I write this, the sky is very much devoid of that wonderful azure blue of recent days; instead, a light gray without a hint of sun hangs overhead. Much like the snowstorms that are right around the corner, there always is a clearing once the storm has passed, beginning another cycle of sunshine and clear skies as far as the eye can see. Even if today eventually gives way to more sunshine and blue skies, it is a good one for accomplishing many things–INSIDE–and, perhaps, some much-overdue and neglected writing. The mundane duties of running to the bank, the store, Sam’s Club, and the gas station will not deter my efforts in getting the “Inside” stuff taken care of today! 

Tramp on, fellow travelers, down the road to somewhere…MLA

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