Gorgeous Days & New Look Blog

Just time for a quick post tonight as the hour is late and sleep is needed. It was another beautiful day around here today, and I enjoyed a nice walk earlier. Tonight I’ve managed to get some reading done, some e-mails read and replied to, and have had some fun playing around (experimenting) with various themes and color schemes for this blog. I kind of like the color combinations here–very appropriate for this time of year, I think. At any rate, it’s good to try different things and learn as I go. Someone my age, it takes a bit longer to get the hang of just how all of this works. Will close now and crawl off to bed. Will get back to writing and regular posting starting tomorrow.

What am I currently reading?  The Affair by Lee Child. It’s the latest Jack Reacher adventure, and it’s very good so far. I’m also getting into a non-fiction work titled Hitler in the Crosshairs by John Woodbridge. I’ll write about these two in the days ahead as well as my current state of writing. All for tonight…

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